September 30, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Did Tory Lanez Get Celina Powell Jumped in Miami By Kaylin Garcia?

  1. I remember Kaylin & Joe being on that celebrity family show. She had a nice natural body too but idk she was like that to be beating somebody up

    1. I knew she was on love and hip hop but forgot about her and joe. Right I haven’t heard about her in a while up until now.

  2. Celina will say any ole thing to be in the spotlight. At this point, she should be grateful if lil ass Kaylin beat her up, and not some L.A. goons coming after her behind her putting Snoop on blast. I’m not saying he would put goons on somebody

    But I’m not saying he wouldnt….love the new look by the way!!! Were you able to shut down that trash ass B who was duplicating your page G? I reported all of her pages

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