October 3, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth Is Jay-z & Beyonce Trying To Stop Rihanna’s Documentary?

  1. I am so sick of Jay and Bey. They want everyone to view them only in a positive light when that is not the reality of these two snakes. People have the right to tell their story, the good and the bad.

    1. First of all, I am a Beyoncé fan, like I absolutely love her as an entertainer. However, I am NOT a delusional Beyhive member & if this is true, this is awful & sad for her to be this way to anyone, especially towards another black woman. We already have so many things stacked against us & when we do it to one another, it makes it even worse. If you don’t want to be painted in a bad light then don’t do shit that will reflect that. Bey & Rih would be so powerful together, they’re both queens in their own right, but together…whew! They’d truly run shit!

      1. people always say its black women that don’t like Beyoncé for nothing. No we see through her bs. I like her musically at times but her controlling ways and passive aggressiveness never left. She got better at hiding it.

      2. Stars rise and fall…look at Madonna.. Beyoncé will have her deactivation… she’s a great performer but even great performers grow old.

  2. I am so sick of them. I really wish there was a way for Rih to release her documentary without it going through them.

  3. I really dislike the Carters! I was always a Rihanna fan smh. I would love to hear how she really feels about them!

  4. This shit getting out of hand. Like people don’t already know or see the Carter’s for what they are…. control freaks sabotagers and frauds 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I hope Rihanna is able to fight them and tell her truth. Beyoncé and Jay have done too much grimy shit behind the scenes and it needs to be brought yo the light. No one remains invincible forever.

    1. ANTI is still good. Jay is a dick for that. So is Beyoncé signed to roc nation management or is she partnered with them with her record label? She so worried about trying to be on top no wonder chloe and halle where they are. Is those her only artist?

    2. Tidal was shady. They were faking/boosting the numbers for Lemonade. Remember that report?

      It’s not hard to believe they messed with Rihanna’s Anti release to boost Lemonade. Funny how Beyonces projects never got system errors or got leaked on Tidal

  6. This is my problem with Giselle. The fakeness. Nobody is perfect idk why she clinging to that. Walking away from the elevator incident with her fake ass smile, i can imagine how she wanted to melt when she woke up and saw the footage.

    1. Sometimes I believe there’s two of her. Then again, she just might be a pill popper.

    2. Might be a Virgo thing too…they are def perfectionists and very private and like to control the narrative to make them look good.

      1. In her defense, Fenty is not for the average working class. It is high end luxury (which baffles me since Rihanna comes from
        Nothing and 99% of the world can’t afford her shit) but Ivy Park is basically low end competent to Fenty. Come on now… it’s adidas shit over priced.

    1. I got a couple Ivy Park pieces before the line got pulled from Topshop. But the newest stuff, nah, not in my budget lol

    2. My best friend actually buys Ivy Park….I only have Savage Fenty in my closet, never got into Ivy Park 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Their all snakes to me. I listen to everyone, not so much Jay, but both women and it’s really hard for me to feel sorry for either one of them. They all do evil things to gain their success, and it sounds like Rihanna ultimately is mad because she wasn’t the queen of roc nation anymore. They all want to paint themselves as philanthropist and in this positive light. Both women follow the same guidelines of image control, except Beyoncé is a bit more snakey with her. Which compared to the coolness of Rihanna, she’s unmatched. But Rihanna has been shady to a lot of people too, including Nicki. So I really find it hard to pick sides. They all have the same motive, money influence and power.

    1. Nicki shaded her first so whatever rih did after that was warranted. And how did she shade nicki? From what i knew she just ignores her presence now which is understandable

    2. Exactly!!! Don’t feel sorry for any of them, they both play for the same team. Betta ask the one they “pray” to for help.

  8. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! Man I hope she do them dirty !!!! They betta not dear try to sabatoge that woman anymoreeeee!!!! Anti really was suppose to be her Thriller ! To me that was her best album ! It is what it is I’m buying the album anyway not streaming even though Ima Tidal subscriber🥴😫🙄

  9. Sooo in other words, if this doc drops we should expect it to be doctored.

    The Carters are not going to let this girl talk negatively about them. So if Rhianna and her team continue forward with the documentary as is, I expect legal action getting taken(quietly of course).

    I am shocked that Rhianna is breaking protocol and telling the truth about the situation. Would Rhianna get in trouble with the Elites for doing that, telling the truth about her and Beyonce?

    Either way I am here for the documentary when it drops. I will definitely be watching 👀 👀.

  10. Covered their careers? All they Jay and Giselle was some sacrificing, some pedophilia, some witchcraft, some killing , some whoring, and some sabotaging to get all of that damn money.

  11. If the shit was leaked then there’s a mole in her circle. G is Tata and J Brown part of her management. We know Tata is one J’s bffs. Not sure about the relationship between JBrown and J though

  12. I wish Jay Z & Beyonce will retire already. They be doing too much to not let other people succeed in mainstream music.

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  14. The carters are nauseating. They really think they own the planet. I can’t stand neither one of them. But just like every celebrity that was at the top and thought they were invincible… eventually the truth always comes to light. When they are old and washed or dead, their kids will pay for the shit they did. Look at the kids of disgraced celebs… where are they?? Rich but with major issues and in hiding.

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