September 30, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Def Jam Private Meetings ( Parties) Part 7 She’s For Everybody

  1. These are interesting. Sometimes, I have to wait to read the comments to know, Who is Who. But, I always get a few correct.

      1. I was like ugh I dont know these people. I then enjoyed it after reading the comments lol.

  2. Kaylene- Karrine Steffans
    VCR- DMX
    WW Fly Guy- LL Cool J
    Cassandra Manuel- Christina Milian

  3. Now my girl Gloria Valez was in the Big Pimpin video forget the other two.
    Boss God – Ja Rule
    Bee Gee – Jay-Z
    Cassandra Manuel- Christina Milian
    WW Fly Guy – L.L. Cool Jay
    Kaylene – Karrine ‘SuperHead’ Steffans
    VCR- ?

  4. This is nothing new. We know she did everyone under the industry sun. Yuck! I can’t believe men still want to marry that cum bucket.

  5. I would have slipped a Mickey in that bitch drink and got me a taste of LL😂. I never liked her because of blasting all the rappers and shit. I don’t like messy.

  6. Gloria Valez. I did a couple of videos with her lol. I used to wonder why she was so popular too. I don’t anymore…

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