September 29, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Hot Takes is out 5/4/2020

  1. T.I. is so fake. Wouldn’t listen to a damn thing he said. I was mad when Katie said that about Denzel. She’s putting this “angry black man” persona out there.

  2. Nicki Minaj, love her but let it go leave this music industry alone. Im starting to think she love the drama and the hate. Sick of TI fakeness. Drake and Rihanna need to make up their minds. They are getting to old to be playing games. Lebron James really have no control of his cheating ways. His wife Savannah deserves better than this.

      1. Never liked lebron he’s a bitch to me and Savannah deserves better she look stress and unhappy

  3. •Still praying for Nicki to wake tf up smfh

    Drake starting to move like Chris just not as crazy haha. He desperate for that redemption. Everybody laughs at him over Sophie, that’s why he need rih to come back so he can redeem himself and not be looked at as a fool if he got Rihanna back on his arm. Lol

  4. I hope they don’t start beefing smh but I can already see the industry turning the girls against each other

    1. I was just thinking about this and I feel bad for meg i feel like she going to get shitted on.

  5. These reality tv ppl with these only fans pgs are starting to make me really believe yachting was funding lifestylesssss!

  6. Speaking of Giselle jay and doja. I was in some comments on the explore pg. and someone said they was listening to Gary with the tea and he said Beyoncé and the twins driving him crazy and how he gone leave her for doja cat. And it made me think about when you said jay feeling her.

      1. And when they posted blue talking about wash your hands the twins were in the background going off.

  7. The ☕ this morning 🔥🔥.

    Well once again Pandemic is in full expose mode. We already knew that the reality tv star’s were at the bottom of the bucket for pay. The only fans accounts are putting the nails in the coffins.

    T.I…. Shut up.

    Ok, so what is the beef with Doja and Meg? At this point beefing is all these people seem to know how do.

    Well Savannah, it is about time you bounce. But it is gonna hit the general public hard when she goes. Because that will be the undeniable truth that their KANG, LeBron, cheats.

    *DEEP SIGH* Drake and Rhianna. We knew it was coming. The merry go round doesn’t stop with these 2. They love the egg on their faces in the end. Let’s see how she will respond and how this will end. This is getting beyond old by the way.

    I think Nicki just needs to cut her losses and move on to something else.

  8. Is there any news about Msblingmiami dude, because she is in pics that have the same background another woman is in too?

  9. Drake took a huge L in my opinion with his BM. His choices/taste is questionable and Rihanna can do better (not that she is a saint but she’s Rihanna- she doesn’t have to be). Of course Lebron has cheated- he’s one of the world’s biggest athletes- has been with the same girl since high school so he missed the groupie phase. It’s sad but it’s not surprising. I think Savannah may just pull a Juanita Jordan- she seems to be down to earth and a homebody- she doesn’t have to be Mrs. James to be happy or content. Not mad that Kanye is worth more than JayZ- wish NM would leave the industry even tho I like her music and listen to it. I like Doja as well- good match up in my opinion.

  10. Imagine the disappointment when people find out that Lebron isn’t the saint that so many people like to say he is! I really hope Savannah leaves his cheating ass cause he out here embarrassing the fck outa her and she deserves way better!

  11. Sadly, I don’t think Savannah will go anywhere … only reason is because she stayed before, and what’s here identity outside of being his wife? She deserves so much better.

  12. I hope Savannah leave him and his hairline he’s been cheating on her for years she doesn’t deserve this at all good for her if she plans on leaving.

  13. Social media is pushing megan but i think the industry will push doja, she has the full package for “them” rap, sing, producer, creative and sad to say light skin. A reader already said she was going top 10 long b4 and said she will go number one way b4 she was top 10 and that she would work with nicki, which we see has happened. But they also say nicki WILL finally get her number 1 this year.

  14. I knew Drake was on his getting Rih back moves bc he has been communicating alot with her bff Melissa on various IG lives.

    1. I used to love T.I but he has exposed himself to be a true narcissist. Rihanna, don’t go back. Jill, I love her lol. What are on these fan pages?

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