October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth: Rihanna’s Beef With Jay-z and Beyonce Pt 2

    1. No wonder she hesitant to drop an album she know people waiting but leather lips and his wife gonna probably be petty again Cause he mad she ain’t giving up the cooch.

  1. That’s true jay was always happy about rih and everything she did but when it came down to Beyonce he looked over it. That’s another reason I believe Kanye act like that over bey. Even at the vma’s when she was prego with blue the cameras went to jay and ye and ye had to get jay hyped he was smirking trying to be serious. Then rih performed and jay was genuinely smiling and shit. I’ve been peeping his energy. Beyonce is a different kind of special.

  2. Rihanna is in a great place in her career. No need to bring up old stories of her and Jay Z. She has come a long way from been constantly being slut shamed. I hope when she does finally drop some music it goes smoothly for her. I do feel she has always been too loyal to RN and it did show during the Anti era. Wish her great success but lucky for her she is successful outside the music industry and respected.

  3. Wow! So Rhianna was still fcking Jay up until the Anti era. I thought she had stop once she got in the door and became a established artist.

    Of course both Rhianna and Beyonce will be cordial, at least in the public eye, it is all about image and maintaining a lie, which is why Jay told them to knock it off. They can’t let the public know what REALLY goes down.

    This is why it is taking Rhianna next to NEVERuary, to release this NEW album. She knows Jay screwed her over and she is scared he is going to do the same with this album.

    Beyonce needs to leave Jay. Despite her many flaws, no one can deny she makes Jay relevant. She will always out shine him. He is a cheat and not worth the time. And Beyonce is right, it was disrespectful for a married man to be feeling up on another woman like that, I don’t care who the other woman was either. Jay has no respect for that marriage, Beyonce needs to bounce.

  4. Man, Giselle don’t need J. J needs her, she can roll out. I would love to see Rih leak some of that tea.

  5. My question is,

    Do you think Yonce or even her mother and sis tried to put some type of spell on Rih? Since they wanna be witches and all?

  6. This is what happens when u enter into a marriage of convenience so I don’t feel sorry for her, however people really gotta stop expecting jay to put them over his wife. Whether it’s a true marriage or one of convenience

  7. Ultimately Anti is still charting on Billboard 4 years later & did way better over time compared to Lemonade

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rih waits until she is away from Jay & RN before releasing the new album

    It’s clear she can do as many other things as she wants to for supplemental income until it’s proven her stuff won’t be effed with

    Also every song that B changed her style up for in using the same producers/writers as Rih did not make the same impact on the charts & has her sounding like a 40year old attempting trap music for the first time

    1. Omg I feel the same way about that remix with Meg. Beyonce is getting a bit “long in the tooth” for some of the silly shit she’s trying to “rap” about.

  8. Peep this. Anytime a man who head over heels with a and starts touching stomach lightly over and over again like Jay did Rihanna? He wants to put a baby in you.

  9. So much sugar!! It’s interesting how long it can take for it to come to the surface. Now on one hand, it sucks that her album got leaked but on the other hand if you’re sleeping with a married man, do you really anticipate continuous smooth sailing? Folks don’t understand why Beyoncé stays with Jay. Moves like this are the reason why. She’s no longer a high seller and at any other record label where her husband was not in charge she would not receive any preferential treatment. In fact, they’d be pushing her ass out the door because her projects cost more revenue then they make. She’s with Jay so she can continue to pull stunts like this and get her way. Her father was her bulldog when she was younger and Jay has been her pit bull since she got married. Beyoncé knows how to align herself with powerful men. Rihanna, just her moves make no sense to me. But then again, they do. It’s becoming clearer why she’s dragging her feet with that album. She doesn’t trust Roc nation and she really doesn’t want to be there. She needs to link up with a powerful executive in the music business and make her last few power moves and cash out. I don’t think her heart is in it anymore anyway.

  10. Anto was Rih best album to me. I just loved the vibe of it all. Im not into Giselle like that, she is talented but boring. Her music all seem the same to me. Rih seems more innovative, i guess it jus depends on the audience. Some people jus are obsessed with Giselle for no reason, to the point its unhealthy. Jay is a bitch

  11. I feel like Beyoncé doesn’t know how to play fair. She always comes across as “women empowerment “ “kumbaya“ etc. etc. but she’s a real hater. The fact that all music has to go through her first proves it. Like damn, let others eat.
    And for her to hate on Rih for allegedly sleeping with Jay. Yes, it’s wrong to sleep with a married man, but Rihanna didn’t say I do. She should be mad at her Jimmy Hendrix wanna be husband.
    We all know He belongs to the streets.
    She’s really mad a Rih because she’s way more successful than her.
    I’m glad her and Rih never had a collabo, cause if the shit was a hit she would take the credit and if the shit flops she would blame it on Rih.

    1. Exactly, I feel like Bey a big hypocrite. She always act like she’s for female empowerment, when she always tried to outshine Kelly and Michelle or how she did Celine Dion or any other artist she works with. She works with people and tries to make everything about her. Also the way she treated Kerry Hilson, telling producers they would never get a chance to work with Beyonce if they work with Hilson. I love Beyonce but I hate how people give her a pass for so many wrong things she does.

  12. Beyoncé is so corny and played out. She really just needs to hang it up. It’s obvious she’s jealous of Rihanna. I’m not really a big fan of either, but Rihanna comes across as being authentic. Beyoncé is desperately trying to remain relevant. She just needs to bow out with some dignity. Most ppl let the talent speak for themselves instead she tries to hold ppl back by biting their style or trying to get first dibs on music. Music that would probably be better delivered by someone other than herself.

  13. I like both of them, but you mean to tell me I’m supposed to Kiki with someone who is sleeping with my husband? In what world?

    Anti was still a masterpiece, fans still bumping to it, and she now has entered a realm of her own. Kudos to Rih!

    As for Bey, she’s not “trying” to stay relevant, she is relevant. That’s why people went crazy for her being on the Savage remix. You don’t have to like her, but don’t hate either!

    1. I ain’t about to kiki with my husbands alleged mistress!!!
      Bey be so quiet that as soon as she appears, there is sooo much noise. People be heated 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Like I’ve been saying forever it makes absolutely no sense that they have never been on a single record together 🤨 if there’s no issue between the two.

  15. As someone who listens to both,I find sometimes people are really hypocritical of Beyonce. She moves just like a lot of theses executives of Fortune 500 companies. She learned from her dad and then Jay. She’s labeled a thief and unoriginal. Yet Rihanna is this poster child for women. So Rihanna can sleep with Jay for her career and use him to get ahead but Bey can’t? Her husband? Rihanna is out her moving and pushing product like the Kardashians, but because she is nice, it’s ok? We will ignore the fact that she has slept with a bunch of men in the industry. Not shaming but she ain’t perfect either. I find it hard to pick a side when both women are using demonic moves to be famous. Their both evil. Who knows what she had to do for the LVMH deal. Because that deal is what has made her a beauty household name. Not her own money, LVMH. Rih is just as guilt as Bey in my eyes when it comes to strategy. They both used him to push their careers to become Diamond status. I wonder what Rih was doing when Jay was fucking over other artists for her? Nothing I’m sure because she was on top on the charts. I think they both deserve credit where it’s due. I see a lot of people in the comments always coming for Bey because of how she acts behind the scenes. She clearly has some fan base because she still selling. Still charting. High views on YouTube. You can’t tell me that’s all manipulated because of who she is. She’s talented, but she’s an aggressive business woman. So is Rihanna, but again how can you take either one of these women’s side when they both serve the devil? You can’t say one is worse than the other, when their all selling their souls for money.

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