October 3, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/2/2020

    1. 😂😂😂g always talk about her grammer cuz she always had someone to check it. Its not really that hard to read if you’re smart.

      1. Right people act like they don’t know how to form sentences in their head and can’t make out what she tried to say

    1. I feel bad for him. Libras love drama mane lol toni if you don’t stop being fake. It will only be right

      1. I mean what is the deal, y are they scared or what is the big deal about them being together..i dont understand. Why cant they just admit it. Does face even really love nicole they still married right?

  1. Drake went live with Akademiks out of pettiness. Talking about he only went live to see what Akademiks was sippin and taking shots together. Pettiness towards Nicki I’m telling you.

      1. The only thing he can do for that woman is allow her to date. Which she is dumb to not be doing any way. The kid is his, either way she will get her check. He isn’t her father. Keep her mouth shut about him and move on. Other than that, there isn’t more. There wasn’t a relationship. Just 2 stupid strangers, who didn’t use protection. Drake is the biggest dummy because HE has the most to lose in the situation.

  2. Boy it will hit some people hard when more info about LeBron and all his cheating ways comes to the forefront. What is done in the dark can only happen for so long before light exposes it. They are not ready 😂.

    LORDT, Face is ready to put he and Toni on front street😯. People’s faces are about to drop.

    Jasmine just needs to shame the devil and tell the truth. We already know Jeezy don’t REALLY want Jeanie Mai like that 😂.

  3. I thought Babyface was married to Nicole Pantenburg but I could be wrong. Then again Babyface did say he was never in love with Tracey & he was married to her for like 15 years

  4. Toni needa stop playing and just openly be with him, all this hiding for what? When already know the real paternity of y’all kids, it’s okay Toni

  5. Drake knows what he doing , we just don’t know what the fuvk he doing. Smhh thats what his ass get. Nobody pays much attention as we should t in some cases , but this nugga is known not to use protection all the time. I love me some Drake but damn. He needs to figure it out quick and be to is goddamn self.

    Yeasuhhhh G we knew your sugar was gonna soon start come to light. It always doessss! Keep
    It going girl !!!! 🐐🐐🐐

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