October 4, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Exclusive The Truth Behind The Beyonce Lines and The Nicki Minaj Lines Plus Demon Time Explained

    1. Thats the reason why like it was stated by nicki and doja but of course anytime its women putting out music no beef or drama they gotta make up something

    2. Beyonce had a couple BBLs. The first time I remember her showcasing her surgeon’s work was on the jacket of whatever album Drunk In Love was on. So, she’s lying saying she’s natural when everybody knows her ass is fake. She thinks she has a better surgeon than Kim K. but they all look misshapen to me.

      This song is trash.

      She’s on demon time because she’s a witch.


      1. Exactly every time she say it’s natural i just roll my eyes. A surgeon doctor already came out and said he does work on her kim and many others last year. She’s been getting lipo since she was like 15 in destiny’s child if that was her real age. Her and solange been had nose jobs. Maybe she forgets she had surgery. Being mkd up she doesn’t recognize herself.

      2. Well u said it like it is, I do agree with the bbl too and I didn’t like the remix, the first one is way better.

      3. I’m starting believe all used same surgeon. Now Giselle did had hips back in the day.

      4. She did have hips back in the day but from the time she had blue up until the twins she was skinny as hell no ass no hips. Even in drunk and love she was smedium.

  1. I thought from the tweet, because I didn’t listen to nickis entire song, was Cardi. I certainly knew it wasn’t Beyoncé. It’s almost like Nick HAS to “repay her dues” by letting the public THINK, that’s the case. Both of them are private, in a sense. Like, even if Nick, threw obvious subs… she ain’t “crazy enough” to do through it in B’s direction. Wack, but true! Maybe it’s Remy? Maybe it’s all of them that B was talking about?? Maybe it all of them Nick was talking about… if you think about it… it would still fit. I do know, of it was beef or something, nicks song wouldn’t even have been able to drop so quick right AFTER, the remix… seems strategic…

      1. Yeah i think she was talking about people who keep talking about people who got work done. At first i thought she was talking about bey but They both just being shady. Nicki might have got a call to start drama lol

  2. Everybody is talking about these 4 Queens they should not address anything about the rumors. Just keep letting people think what they want to think. Thats how this industry works they make more money when there is a beef. This only put the spotlight on them and noone is talking about the other singers and rappers. Shit just go live and shade each other for fun.

  3. I thought it was about Wendy but then Nicki said no and I had to evaluate and said maybe it was toward Beyoncé and got scared as hell! Way more problems we don’t need. Nicki gonna for sure deny it cause she know how that woman and her spouse get down.

    1. There were already two different verses. The one before she changed it was because it got leaked which you said so yourself the industry leak anything’s associated with nicki. Either way it goes nicki getting credited for both versions so hahaha. The public Always gotta create some form of beef when there no beef at all

    1. There are hardly any real friends in the Industry Nicki has no problem with Doja but she isn’t going to be hanging out with Doja

      1. @icydknow… Yeah, it’s pretty crazy that there’s no loyalty when they’re all in the same space. It’s crazy. My nephew just got signed to some label, and I’m trying my best to ask my brother to be vigilant without trying to make too much out of it. I just don’t trust the industry at all and he’s a young, impressionable 18. I guess we’ll see…

    1. You have a lot of nerve comparing me to her, However, I know how to fix it. You will no longer have to worry about me making stuff up

  4. I’m thinking Cardi, cuz she did start looking very different like something was done to her face. And Off to cheat always getting caught…. idk she can’t really come for Bey cuz that is more than career suicide. After she been sending out her little fishing line with that “endorsement from Bey”…… to come now and then diss her for something like this? Lol if it really was for Bey…. she must be REALLY looking for her way out the industry.

  5. I thought Demon time meant “ the instagram lives that they used to do freak shit on..??”🤔 I remember not too long ago even Cardi used to tweet it. Basically, you sent your money upfront and they let you in to see the girls doing nasty stuff. I mean I could be wrong but since Bey mentioned the only fans stuff then I figured that’s what she meant. We all know Bey got fake IG accounts

    1. Ig is just a place where girls do freak shit all the time now if you want to call it demon time you can because it’s getting freaky during a time, But demon time ain’t got no specifics with insta. For example you get a call like 12 midnight for a booty call and you go out to get freaky. You on demon time cuz you doing it after hours. In real demon time is 3am to 6am.

  6. Poor Meg, I’m sure she gave up a lot to get this feature. She is gonna be out there like a prostitute in Vegas working hard. I love “Giselle” musically, but it’s so hard to even listen to her and enjoy her after reading this page. Changed my opinion of so many artists. I also feel bad for Nicki because she just can’t seem to have any moment to herself. I’m sure Meg and Bey released that song to trump Doja and Nicki. When really it’s Bey song. But G said she hops on any bandwagon she can. Makes me sad that she is so demonic.

    1. Listennnnn I feel the same exact way and I only heard the song twice and the second time I heard it. I was like dang Beyonce part is sure lengthy. She made this shit her song. Smhhhh she even looks like a witch too me.

  7. 🤦🏿‍♀️Oh so y’all ain’t paying attention to the one big ass problem about Savage remix? The problem Megan is going to have with her remix is that Jay and Giselle put a very demonic curse on the remix. Jay wrote witch talk on the song and Megan and the rest of y’all let that shit fly all over y’all heads! Megan, girl you shouldn’t let that attention seeking witch be apart of nothing! You see how she used Nicki in a song and discarded poor Nicki like a used up piece of tissue. Pay attention people. Beyonde done destroy that poor chile song and a possibility her career down the toilet. 🤦🏿‍♀️ But I love Doja’s remix.

    1. Thats what i said meg let her step all over her mane. I like doha cat sone too its a mall song. Make you want to go shopping. Meg going to be a real badd alcoholic by next year

    2. But that is what Meg wanted. The cosign from the big artist. She wants to be Jay’s team. And was brought to tears that the great BEYONCE “Blessed” her little remix. Meg has no clue that she has sold herself short on this entire thing. And has NO clue what she has walked into. After while, she will be like City Girls. People are gonna be like what happened to Meg.

  8. Here is a theory: she was talking about Milano. Far as we know Meek still low key try to contact Nicki and be flirting with the IG thots. When the argument went down in the store, people were sayin how real she is compared to Nicki. Didn’t just this week it was reported Meek was flirtin with Paloma Ford?………….just a theory 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Lol she changed the verse cos the original one leaked. She literally was in Twitter like tweets about one upping the haters who leaked her verse. She deaded the wendy rumor cos the shaderoom posted and she will do the same if they post this Beyoncé nonsense. Nicki wasn’t even online when a FEW people were saying bey dissed her, that story didn’t take because we all knew it was BS. The same way you aske bey’s people if that’s a diss to Nicki, u should also ask nicki’s people y the versed was changed and stop speculating G. U been disappointing lately

  10. Thanks G! Nicki definitely changed that verse to address Beyoncé. At this point she know she ain’t never gonna be the “pop darling” she’s gonna day and come for who she wants. She’s been feeling a type of way towards the Carter’s for a minute.

  11. You all peep how Beyonce’s cousin hopped into Nicki’s IG comments to throw people off?

      1. It’s even been said Angie was the one who carried Blu idk, but she has the closest genes.

  12. So instead of celebrating the fact that these powerhouses got together and collaborated on something, people are worried about lyrics, who they’re meant for, and all that?! Shit is disturbing. Women ain’t right in the head at all. And it’s really US, for the most part. We hate each other for no damn reason. If we had a some guys from the industry just suddenly drop something, none of this would even be a conversation. It would just be music. That Empress lady wouldn’t have hopped online to 153k subscribers and tried to start shit. None of the platforms would do shit but rate the songs, and either pick one, or both as their gave and keep it moving… because it’s MUSIC and that’s what SHOULD be done. Man.

    Honestly, I feel bad that Nicki. She damned if she do and damned if she don’t. She don’t collab, people got shit to say. She do a collab, and people got shit to say. She shouldn’t have even had to put up shit saying what she was or wasn’t saying. it’s ART. Let it be that. SMMFH.

    1. Hip hop/rap heads analyse everything. Talib Kweli and Joe Budden have podcasts dedicated to the analysis, explanation and interpretation of lyrics. I see you’re trying to call on female loyalty because most people ain’t even loyal to themselves.

      1. @Blakmamba76. Yeah, I guess that’s what I’m trying to do. It just feels so wrong. And I know that there’s analysis that take place. I know this. But it just seems like there’s so much malice when it comes to her. Way too much, IMO. But I do get your point.

    2. Look, in the entire is going listen to a demonic song with all of that witch talk in it? Are you crazy?

  13. according to the shaderoom niki was taking shots at Wendy. makes sense cuz Wendy is brutal when it comes to talking about Niki body. Beyonce is corny,she can do all that slick talk cuz she know her fans believe anything she say&forget what she looked like in the beginning. she has definitely had work done. everything on her body moves EXCEPT her ass.

  14. I thought she changed her verse because it was leaked?! She’s known to do that. Why would she shade Bey when she knows their trying to end her? I still think she was talking about Wendy. Wendy keeps talking about her. Bey had a BBL after the twins, so is she really natural? It was her fat but… I think these claims of her shading Bey were put out there to hurt Nicki more.

  15. Its funny how people say the k’s are fake but bey is natural. the k’s never said they were natural they just said their butts were real. Lol any ways bey had plenty of work done i kept going back and forth with old and new pics and got creeped out. Even I noticed lori got a nose job. The more i hear about surgeries the more i see.

  16. Doja didn’t need to remix Say So it was fine as is.

    Meg got the cosign she signed in blood for. Congrats Sis *slow claps*

    That is all I got at this time.

  17. I heard outside of that demon line by jay, cardi’s ghostwriter pardi, wrote Giselle’s verse on savage.

  18. I know that line was for Beyonce. It was obvious. It’s just that so many people put Beyonce on a pedestal they were in denial. Don’t worry Nicki the barbz have your back no matter what 😏

  19. So with everything that happened with meg and her previous label is this remix with giselle a way to solidify her eventually being signed by jay?

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