October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “HoeTales: The Tales of Who Was Smashing Who

  1. So is nikko Gilbert son? I saw a old industry on blast post the other day and went hmmmm. I remember those episodes when draya was on bbw miami and then came to la.

    1. Damn… Debbie Allen is a freak and she likes them young! First the girls on A Different World now Will Smith who by the way was apparently a pass around in Black Hollywood…. wasn’t he sleeping with Benny Medina also? And wait… does Norm Nixon swing both ways or did he just like to watch Debbie get smashed? The rabbit hole goes deep apparently in Hollywood. 😂

      1. WATTTTT??!!!! OMG!!!! Nawl nah Vesta!! Well i guess He didn’t make her happy 😂😂

  2. Big Willy got down like that?? Whattttt
    Quincy too dang he probably got down with diddy

  3. While we’re on the subject matter G, ive been watching real Housewives of Beverly Hills and supposedly they are addressing this rumor about Denise Richards having an affair with Brandi Glanville …can you find out more on this and why is Denise and Charlie’s situation so weird?!

  4. Prince Harry and Hermione?!? My mouth dropped with that one! Just please tell me she was of age and not when she was still in the Harry Potter movies 🙁

  5. Off topic but why the barbs think nicki was talking about wendy? I knew she wasn’t shading wendy. I think she shading giselle but i can be reaching. I just knew she wasn’t talking about wendy though. It makes sense giselle always throwing shade.

  6. I wanted to know about norm nixon as well. Is he ok with her and all them females. Does he join in or what? And who is draya oldest son by? 🤔🤔

  7. I remember when Romeo was on the Kardashians a few yes ago before Khloe married Lamar and he was taking Khloe pretty seriously but she wasn’t into to him and said they were better off as friends so that one wasn’t really a shocker lol but her and Matt Kemp definitely is! Like how you go from Rihanna to that!!!???

  8. Maia & J 🤢. He had to have taken advantage of her unless it was way back in the day 🤨

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