September 30, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Exclusive! The Real Truth Behind Kendall Jenner and Jordyn Woods’ Ex

  1. Kendall’s tweet tho 😩 daammn gon head and THROW 👏🏽THAT 👏🏽COOCH 👏🏽girl, I’ll mind ma own damn business 😩

    1. I just don’t get why Jordyn has been criticized and crucified when Kendall, never told her sisters best friend that her dude was trying to holla. They have just as much loyalty as they claim she had in this Tristan situation. Which I still don’t believe happened because I haven’t heard anyone come out, just their minions. No one at the party said yes they were this or that. Kendall is lame and I used to like her until I saw and read on here how snakey she is. Snakey isn’t word, but it’s a word for her. I swear Kylie is the realest out of them all. Even her publicist responded back with a comment.

      1. I totally agree with you. Every word you just spoke… I believe. And been saying this since the beginning of it all.

  2. Yeah white girls always gets a pass for being a whore. Taylor now Kendall. This girl was with Travis first and passed him on to Kylie, nobody seems to care about these things.

  3. These broads crazy. There’s no loyalty between them and if you’re an entertainer, actor or ball player who’s on top you can get their cookies😩😩.

    1. That’s how they really got put on. It’s a shame that everyone pays attention to these hoes. Let that be a woman of color…

  4. Your totally right, you can throw that cooch to whomever you please. But you better keep your mouth shut when people call you out for throwing your cooch out like Mardi Gras beads.

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