October 4, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Blind Sugar (Revealed) from 4/15

  1. I love Babyface and Toni together. ❤️ It was a matter of time with Nicki and what’s his name. 🙄

  2. I never guessed Kirsten Allen. Damn Nikki that didn’t last long at all but I didn’t like him for her anyway. I wish Toni and Baby get married and live happily ever after because their situation stresses me💆🏾‍♀️

  3. I wish Toni and Babyface would go on and get together. Is he still married to that Nicole lady?

  4. Why are Babyface and Toni hiding their love? Like we all already know they might as well come out with it

  5. I wonder if baby is sleeping with young thug or has an on going sexual relationship with him. I feel like thug always throwing lil wayne shade like yea i took your spot and ya daddy 🤣

  6. Damn! I was hoping it wasnt Nicki. Yeah he’s no good, but she cant seem to catch a break with these relationships.

      1. Hmmmmmmmm they sure do shate a strong resemble maybe just a coincidence hehhehe

  7. Nicki has horrible taste in men 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Never would have expected this to be Kristi Alley… Wow

    Birdman is just gross.. what does Toni really see in the dude. 🤢

  8. Yay 🙌! I got the Nicki one right.

    Never would have guessed Kristi was going broke.

    *deep sigh* oh Toni 😖.

  9. I wish Toni knew we don’t care about that fake ass relationship with briana just go head get with your real love sis

  10. Wow, I never thought that Kristi was broke. The last time I seen her she was on the dancing with the stars. Nicki Minaj 🥰🙂 I’m happy if this is true. Toni and babyface need to get ot together for real. Face have to leave his wife if he wants toni to leave birdman baby. It goes both ways. I’m sick of the fake marriages in the industry.

    1. You say your sick of fake industry relationships but in the same breathe your happy about false information about nicki leaving zoo when that is an homegrown marriage someone she’s known since she a little girl and him a little boy in Southside Jamaica queens make it make sense.

  11. STOP lying on nicki and kenny marriage like for real G i rock with you with the fee situation but just STOP

  12. I wish Toni and Babyface would just stop pretending and own their truth. As it is, I already believe her children are with him and not by Keri. In my opinion, they look just like BF. Their relationship is like the WORST kept secret in Black music, lol.

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