October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/28/2020

  1. Sounds to me that she’s being paid to STFU!! I just wonder how much tho 🤔… is it worth it? Probably if she has NOTHING this the real definition of take one for the team. 🙃

    1. -I wonder if we’ll see men and women in the music industry who have been abused come forward and all band together to take down Diddy, Clive Davis etc. It probably won’t happen in this lifetime.
      – I noticed Michael Jordan eyes when that crying meme came out, I wondered about them then 🧐

  2. I just wonder wats gonna really happen to RKelly especially since he’s not the only one to be a pedo🤔

    1. Right i feel like they not trying to get nobody else but the people they want. And he was still trying to get out

      1. Rite and i still listen to his music shit he has always made good music!! Leave that man alone cause them bitches and they parents was getting paid! PERIODT!!!

  3. I watched that documentary Fall of Cabal. She was saying how Trump is part of the QAnon but that is so hard to believe when he says the craziest shit!! I would love to believe her but I can’t overlook the hurtful things he has said over all these years.

  4. I also noticed that yellowing in Michael’s eyes.

    Trump needs to shut up. The flu passes through schools like wildfire. What do you think Covid will do?

    Chris isn’t ready to wife anyone up. Quarratine just got him feeling a ways 😂.

    Sadly, I don’t expect much from the young woman stabbed by YaYa. These are young people who are less than smart. This is serious. That girl could have lost her life. Instead of playing games, charges need to be upheld and screw supporting NBA. I would hope the girl’s mother would steer her right, but knowing how parents roll these days, I don’t expect much from them either.

  5. Trump is the dumbest president EVER!! Why the hell do you want children going back to school when the numbers haven’t decreased enough and the school year is almost over. I’m living here in Georgia and we got a dumb ass governor. I’m tired of all this, I think I wanna move to Canada.

  6. These young girls are idiots. I mean back in the day we were young and ignorant, but hell they getting stabbed in rappers houses and still supporting these fools. I don’t get it.

  7. If Ammika don’t see that Chris only likes her because she reminds him Karruche, something wrong with sis. He an obsession, but its not for her.

    1. She’s dumb and stalked karruche she’s not even half black she thought by having a baby with him he would stop his ways but can’t teach a dog new tricks

  8. Jordan is definitely an alcoholic and probably is on his way to having liver disease. the eyes are just the beginning.

  9. Dang Christopher Maurice Brown what do you want? Karate Rihanna Amnex Doja like what
    He’s confused lawd

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