October 4, 2022

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87 thoughts on “P.S.A. (REPORT NOW!) | Fameolous aka GossipintheCiti (BKA Flea Bag) Has Made Pages Impersonating Us

    1. I don’t even need another gossip blog.. I f… with y’all heavy and I ain’t f…. with nobody that don’t

    2. That’s trifling man. I reported the page. The first one you listed is the only one that popped up on IG for me.

  1. Its disgusting what she tryna do and her following is just as bad. I reported all of those pages when I saw that yesterday. I am a mutual follower on IG to keep tabs but I have never leaked anything from this site and never will. She will get hers tho don’t even trip

  2. there is definitely a mole in the blog or she’s in here herself because every story you’re posting, she is too. The craziest thing about it is that she’s promoting those “new pages” but turning off the comments like the psycho she is. I am not sure what the stories say but the pictures she’s posting and headlines are almost identical. She’s pathetic!!! I reported the page on IG and will let you know if she says anything further on her GITC page on IG and twitter. I remember you did a story on her a little while ago where you told us she was going to change the name to her blog yet again for legal issues and claim she has employees running the page….I don’t comment anything on her pages because I don’t want to get blocked and not be able to report back to you…

  3. WOW!! I just went to see what you’re talking about. She’s trash. She literally just posted all of your stories from this website on the new fake spillthesugar. Thats foul!

  4. She is copying word for word! Blatant plagiarism! Fee is such a fucking fraud! I can’t stand that she’s doing this to you guys. But you can’t win when you play dirty!

  5. G, are you going to continue to post stuff knowing she can take your tea? Is there anyway to stop it? That’s crazy. Wow

  6. We already know what to do… G-UUUUUNIT MOUNT UP!! FLEA reminds me of that other psychotic FLEAmale, Liv

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