October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 4/26/2020

  1. I still don’t know Dua Lipa at all lol
    Her and Rita Ora have me stuck . I can’t name one song of theirs not even a sing a long lol .
    As for Tally I wish I could say I feel bad but that women looks like she radiates evil
    This is why they say don’t put all your eggs in one basket . If she apologizes he’d run his happy ass right back smh

  2. Basically the Devil who wears Prada was loosely based around this lady being a cold calculating condescending BITCH, that everyone tapped danced around out of fear. 😩 whew Chile it’s a High School vibe over at Vogue and has been for decades. 🤦🏾‍♀️ she had grown ass black men second guessing their entire existence. Well I be damned!!!

  3. I only know Dua from a song she did with Sean Paul. That is all I got on her lol.

    If all the designers, magazine editors,& models actually take a united front and stand up to Anna they actually could take her down. But again it needs to be a united front. They give Anna all the power, but they could take it back from her.

  4. I dont see where Lipa is curvy. But uuhh ok. Anna as always seemed like a snob, so he wanna out her now that he is out of position….please. Im waiting to see who has something to say about his attitude in the work environment.

  5. Off topic im curious where are the city girls are they doing anything new i swear then and cardi just haven’t had no hype nomore. Like is lil baby making the label all the money well i say most of it.

  6. Wow I feel awful for A.L.T.
    But could you imagine how many others (including minorities) Anna May have mistreated while A.L.T. watched and reaped the benefits of being “close friends” of Anna? I’m always careful and I watch how people I call my friends treat others. Some how, some way, that mistreatment will come to you.

  7. Did you see all he reports of Andre saying he wasn’t talking about Anna?! I hope he doesn’t switch up last minute, we all know he is clearly talking about her. It’s like this lady controls her media or something, there is not one story online about her I don’t get it

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