October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “New Segment: The Lighthouse Where we Bring Darkness To Light (A Heaven Hollywood Creation)

  1. Jordyn knows her time is dying down. And only reason she was supported was to spite the kardashian’s. Now watch everyone go back to attacking her for folding even though they been friends since childhood before either one of them blowed up.

  2. I knew erykah was a witch. That’s why I stopped giving with her. Her energy is dark despite others thinking she’s so positive. Solange being a witch doesn’t surprise me, even though I never thought about it.

    1. Yep i knew that about Erykah too it’s been obvious that she’s very different and scary like & Solange is the same way! They weird af!

  3. I don’t blame lori i would have done the same thing. She should be doing something else and leave the men alone for a bit.

    As i got older Erykah badu started to creep me out. But with Solange she doesn’t i just figure she’s the lonely child.

    So what kind of witch is ms. Tina? And the neice angie. She gotta practice that too right?

    I like future bm eliza, But joie i like her too but she kinda been doing alot on the gram. You can tell she back on future she look happy as hell again at first she was looking sad after the baby.

  4. Erykah has always been odd but I enjoy her music. Then my eyes began to open and I questioned her position in the industry. Her being a witch makes sense she’s around folks like Rick Owens and his wife is a priestess (I assume).
    Does she and Solange put spells in their “works of art”?

  5. Well good for Lori, I guess. I don’t know what ever made her think Future was a good choice from jump. The man stays creating babies with women he doesn’t want. All those kids will(if not yet) start messing with his pockets. Man won’t be able to take her to the 5 dollar matinee before it is over.

    That explains a lot about Erykah. LORD knows the woman has BEEN weird. Solange is weird too and this explains a lot about her as well. But Solange has nothing on Erykah. Erykah is that cut cartwheels backwards in the rain kinda weird.

    Jordy only wants Kylie back as a friend because of the connection Kylie can provide. I think the idea of real friendship left her mind long ago especially when she got free cars, trips, and clout.

    Scott wants Kourtney back because any other grown woman is not gonna put up with his baggage.

  6. I think jordyn and kylie are real friends and that whatever she gives her as gifts is a bonus they’ve been friends forever none of them said anything negative about the other i hope they get to be friends again its hard to make real friends in the industry..

    Not suprised by Erica Badu she’s scary but a little suprised by solange why is she not as famous as bey if she has those powers?

    Scott should leave kourt alone they were too toxic together

    1. I always thought Solange and Badu were weird. Never listened to either but the shoe definitely fits both of them. I love future as an artist, but he is tiresome. Him and all these women who continue to want to have babies and sex with him. Their all silly, only victims in these situations are the kids. They don’t ask for such dumb and immature parents. Now I like Kylie and Jordyn as friends. Kylie has grown on me a lot and to me I feel like her and Jordyn’s friendship was a lot more realer than the ones she portrays now with Stassi and the others. I think it’s great that she will have her friend back because at the end of the day, if Khloe can accept Malika and Tristan back, she shouldn’t have to severe ties with Jordyn forever. I feel like they both capitalize off each other because they played the friend card. People envied their friendships. Kylie may have paid for her surgery and bought her gifts, but it’s no different than Rihanna dragging Melyssa everywhere she goes or Beyoncé with Angie. Why would you live this luxury life, and I mean rich rich, bring your friends around and not share it with them if their your best friends? If I’m on a yacht, I’m taking my closet and supportive friends to enjoy and make memories. Kylie profited off have a solid friendship with her Makeup Line, she was in Kylies doc about Stormi as the “good supportive friend”. And I think Kourtney and Scott should get back together. They seem like their in a different spot now. Kourtney is a lot more in touch with her feelings compared to earlier on. Scott seems to be more balanced so I think they should try again. Sophia is a kid. An annoying one at that.

  7. Lol. I’m here for the “Lighthouse” segments!

    I wonder if Solange moved to NOLA to master her craft/become initiated..

  8. Lori is young so I turn a bind eye to it. She’ll figure it out. He’s got to more than just money and fun.🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I think Kyle misses Jordyn too, you can’t look past the fact she didn’t sell Kylie out when she was pregnant.

  10. This segment…I like!

    Lord, I’m tired of Future and his mess. Lori needs to just take time to heal herself. That VJJ has to be sick and tired of her. And as for Future, I just KNEW that baby was his, he did all that bull-jivin’. I’m glad Eliza mind is at peace because it doesn’t matter how many times you TELL people he the father, they not going to believe it until they see that paper. And some still don’t…smh. Future need to quarantine his “thang”.

    Erykah has always been odd, I like her though, she is hella funny. And Solange, I wouldn’t have thought that, but as someone else stated, I thought that distant kind of weirdness was because she was the child no one paid attention to. Dang.

    Kourtney! No! Just no.

    Jordyn and Kylie should rekindle their friendship…that was a timely friendship. I’ve seen these females go back to being friends with girls for a bag of hot cheetos and a 4oz cup of Remy and redbull…ijs.
    But if they choose to be friends again, it may not be the same, and sometimes I think these damn Kardashian/Jenners be setting things up for hype. Mama Kris be on it.

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