October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/25/2020

  1. Nicki baby…WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?
    What is she on that is deterring her thinking? It’s like she hasn’t made a good decision since she got with meek mill smh

    1. Meek was definitely a bad choice, but I highly doubt Nicki was in French DMs… Candace from Day Time Tea made that story up 3 days ago for clicks and views and she is a known “Nicki Hater”.. I wish G would have put the word Allegedly because Nicki is nowhere to be found and these rappers will LIE just to cause some mess… Rebone has been trying to get Nicki to respond to her since 2018 and Nicki has Ignored her and will Continue to Ignore her… Nicki is focused on her marriage and fulfilling her other obligations..

      1. Agree 100%. And I can’t stand that Tea time chick. Nicki is LIFE focused. Period.

      2. Ok so YOU DONT BELIEVE IT and what does day time have to do with this Blog NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!.

  2. •Damn my babies won’t get vaccinated either..People really feel some type of way..

    •Nicki please stop smh

    1. I don’t believe that Nicki hopped in French DMs one bit..Candace from Day Time Tea was the first person to make that up all for clicks and views 3 days ago.. Candace is a known “Nicki Hater”…Nicki don’t give 2 fucks about that Rebone lady because she is a known LIAR… She has been wanting Nicki to respond to her since 2018 and Nicki has continued to IGNORE her…..French Montana is a known Pimp and Rebone wasn’t the only woman at his home in Florida, but of course they will make it seem like they together because of her posting herself at his place and Gossip In the City, Liv Tenders, and the Shaderoom posting it on their Platform, giving it even more attention…. Rebone is a Bartender and needed some quick money… She was also mad at 50 cent, someone that she was fucking around with until he got serious with Cubanlink and wanted to make 50 jealous by hollering at French who 50 hates… In addition, what most ppl don’t know is that Rebone was the one that contacted Candace to share how Kenny left her doing the Turkey Drive. Rebone also tried to make it seem like it was Kenny who got her home robbed and who messed up her face and lip while Nicki was on her world tour with Juice Wrld when it WASN’T… Rebone is also the same person who Started the whole “Kenny got 5 kids by different baby mamas” and was in the comments making fake burner accounts saying he’s a Rapist… But if that was the case, why would you allow him to live with you and your young daughter if he is one??… and why haven’t any of the baby mamas come forward??… I could see Kenny having 1 child who may be of adult age… That is something Nicki would be totally Fine with, but 5 freaking kids with different women, Nicki would NOT have even thought of bringing someone back into her life like that… She could deal with his criminal past, especially his 1995 case because he is eligible as of 2020 to be off the registered list because it would mark 25 yrs that he would be required on the list since he is a tier 2 offender, plus he has enough evidence to help with getting his case expunged…. Rebone has been wanting to make the blogs for quite sometime… She is another Meek Mill who will go to great lengths to make her Ex look extremely bad while still being obsessed….. French started back following Nicki and Rebone not only follows Nicki, but also a Nicki fan page… She literally stalks Nicki on social media… Y’all gotta STOP lying on Nicki… It seems like Everytime she decides to be off social media for a while, these blogs/bloggers just start going crazy and coming up with a these false narratives and everybody runs with it, so sad… She only focused on her marriage and fulfilling her other obligations… Who knows, she may just be pregnant..

      1. Keke I know that these blogs lie about nicki all the time. But lies be real marry the wrong guy. He has nothing to offer her. If nicki want these blogs to stop telling lies on her. Then she need to put a big lawsuit against. She need a lawyer. They won’t stop until she get the law investigation. They talk about Kenya west and Kim Kardashian bad all the time. They dont response to the foolishness. Im sure she not going say anything about this. Nobody care about this story but black people. Nicki Minaj will be fine. If Kenya west can turn his life around I know she can do better too. No matter what this haters say.

      1. Y’all really believe any and anything they say bad about nicki y’all are pathetic

      2. @leeca0109 girl who pathetic is u!! Do u know Nicki personally??? U dam sure act like it!! Shit she ain’t the same Nicki she used to be tf u talm bout shit everybody change at some point in they life😏😏😤😤

  3. Nicki Minaj why you doing that. Kenneth is your biggest problem right now. Stop letting that man pushing you up to doing stupid things like this.

    1. Girl shut up at the end of the day nicki is going to be with whomever she wants too so please focus on your own life. Y’all too much invested in her private life your opinion just like your life is invalid

  4. Jason Mitchell will forever be his own biggest enemy. Sucks that we’re gonna miss out on his talents

    Nicki reaching out to French like celebs or their SO’s exes don’t get bounced around in the industry. He doesn’t owe her any loyalty and it just makes her seem pressed

  5. First why did Orlando give her a ring to begin with?
    No yaya needs to learn a lesson
    Did Kanye sell out again? I thought he was truly saved (jokes)
    Nikki just needs to get with drake
    And is it true rob and Chyna are back together

    1. How do you know it’s fake? Gotta come with proof that it didn’t happen if your gonna claim that it’s false. And I’m not talking about no barb fan page saying Nicki would never do that. We thought she wouldn’t go in Akademiks DMs and she did and never denied it.

  6. Poor Katy she just wants to be happy 💔

    I can see Nicki going into frenchie DMs. Can’t put it past her since she went in Akademiks DMs and got blasted & never denied it or said it was fake cause it wasn’t smh but She must want the girl to stay irrelevant and get no publicity, which I can understand cause what are people gonna try to talk to her about? Nicki Minaj and Kenneth petty. same way they do Jordyn Woods about Kylie Jenner. Just trying to be nosy and messy. And I’m sure she knows the true tea cause I bet that dude still in contact with her smfh

  7. Nicki probably don’t want her getting in the industry. French will be that door to more Celebs dating her. Plus y’all know the girl raps 👀

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