October 4, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Around The World In 60 Seconds

    1. I do not trust Meghan. Im not buying the innocent girl act. But im sure the truth will come out eventually. Everybody stuck up her ass because she’s half black.

  1. I love Rihanna to pieces and im telling you I cannot stand her father. He is always talking to the media and always seeking attention. Old man needs to sit his ass down.

    1. It’s Puff Daddy, it’s Diddy, it’s Love, it’s Sean Puffy Combs … When has he ever had to CHOOSE 1 woman?? Like ever? All his litter gets along him all the BM’s except Misa plus Cassie would vacation together he ain’t picking shit Lori better be glad he’s picking her again 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ a whole Mess I tell ya a mess!!

  2. Hmm Draya in Terence’s car 😏 this is making more sense now and I been waitin a minute to hear the tea on that 👀

    Da baby and Ashanti? Mm don’t know how to feel about this- he’s a mfckn 🤡 Ashanti is too damn good for his ass

  3. Man… reality is a mother fucker.. and when black people find out how bamboozled we got with the Obamas and Biden it’s gonna hurt so bad if they find out most blacks are very Naive. I found out about the about not just on here but just buy doing my research and paying attention. It hurting me. Our own is not our own. 🙏🏾 In case you don’t know Obama was used a distraction and pushed agenda. For him to survive the office 8 years black would be sacrificed. Look at all the black propel that were killed up his watch and no justice.. point example has anyone question why is George Zimmerman worth 10 million. I don’t remember him owning a business he was just a regular 9-5 dude. Where did that money come from.

    1. Yep. I’m not black but I am ethnic. People will attach to who or what make them feel like they’re seen and heard. Then get shit on by them once they create false sense of trust and weaponize their emotions. People never bothered to look into Obama or really question him because he was such a convincing orator. People are still willing to back him and creepy ass Joe Biden touching kids all inappropriately. Go let him touch your kids and see if you don’t feel some kinda way about it. They would be sickened by the truth of all these people.

      I’m glad there’s a blog like this that can reach more people in different areas to spread truth and not just celebrity daily drama. And spreading truth makes people an easy target. So I respect this blog for many reasons cause that’s not easy.

      1. There’s no proof that Biden or the Obamas are pedophiles, unscrew that time hat.

    2. I said the same thing it came to me when doing my own research a lot of black men and children were sacrificed for Obama. This wouldn’t be the first time black ppl turn on their own This would’ve stayed our land along with the black Indians and black Mexicans had it not been for our own who turned on us. I read the very first President will be arrested in 2021 I wonder will that be Obama.

    3. Obama definitely was on some foul sh*t. I did my research and he was definitely into that Pizza Gate bs, right along with the Clintons. Just disgusting.

  4. I don’t know why but, when it was announced that her father had the virus I felt like it was a lie. This man stays trying to get attention. Anything to profit of his daughter.
    Meghan, never mind

  5. Is Ashanti name trash with the men in the industry? Because Da baby is bottom of the barrel she can do better.

    Lori don’t let that vagina rest at all.

    So if Draya was with Terrence J is that what caused her and Orlando breakup?

      1. & that would’ve been a great cover up on her behalf….getting married but I think O wasn’t going for it. He said peace ✌🏾. Atleast he tried.

  6. Poor rihanna her father is a drunk. At first I didn’t see it but that video of him was cringy. It made me look at rih in a different light.

    Lori needs to sit down. What ever happened to her case?

    I can’t stand floyd and yaya just gotta learn on her own cuz her momma aint too much help either

  7. Not surprised about Robyn’s father. He’s been doing this shit for years.

    Isn’t Draya & Jasmine acquaintances? They’ve been around for eachothers endeavor gatherings frequently. I guess Time will tell.

    Was Nicole messing with BF? How would she affect Toni’s contract?

  8. This tea was 🔥

    What is “P. Gate”? I wouldn’t be surprised if devastating news comes out about Obama. At this point, I think we all know how these folks get down. But what WILL pissed me off is that they will have one more thing to drag Black people as a whole. LORD, knows they want one more thing to drag us with.

    Rhianna daddy stay making her shame 😬.

    So it may have been Draya in the car with Terrance. Interesting in deed.

  9. First and foremost – Some of these teas are hot as hell.. This is what I like..
    I always thought Arsenio was gay and I’ve been sticking to that ever since. My mind will never change when it comes to that

    I didn’t even know Angelina and Val Kilmer were a thing. I thought she went from Billy Bob Thornton to Brad Pitt..but I guess not

    I must be the only one who never thought Terrence J was good looking. He is so basic to me. But I guess his money is not basic to these chics.

    Why is Serena pulling a Mariah on Meghan? Is it because she left the royal house? I thought they were friends

    Who is surprised about Obama? o plz..I don’t trust any politician..black or not

  10. This whole COVID 19 bs and Pizza Gate cover up / coming out has me mentally spinning!! It’s like you don’t know who or what to believe in anymore they’re all so very corrupt!
    Ashanti and the Da Baby … interesting large cup of hot tea!
    Murphy n Hall been questionable… however what happened to A Hall we never hear or see him anymore how did he get kicked off the hollyweird island?
    Was Serena saying that to protect her relationship with Meg’s? Or was it real shade and tea bc they actually fell out? I really wonder.
    I don’t believe we can come down ON Ri Ri daddy HELL its stars that are idolized and really worshipped 😒 ACROSS the GLOBE lying about having COVID – basically who cares he lied so is your faves …
    what is really up with Lori being passed back n forth? Was JOIE (the body) really the reason for the relationship debacle or is this speculation? In my most humble opinion JOIE got a grown woman body and their is no comparison between the 2 she got the curves NO BRAKES! Yes Lori is cute and hooked up – ish but have y’all seen JOIE dance 💃🏽 moves if she dance like that FUTURE DEFINITELY can’t stay away the baby just turned one, recently it’s still fresh! 😩🤣🤣😩 I feel I’ve said enough now 🤭

  11. To be honest I am not surprised about Ashanti. I love her but she always been in a lil
    Hot in the ass. Plus she single so it is what it is but she don’t need to be entering and entertaining the same BS. I knew it was Draya and Terrance J was fucking. Wheeewwwww!! I still will never get it. They all just be fucking the same people ! Tuh and Rocsi needs to give it up ! Find you somebody else Sis that is not taken!

      1. Nah let her stay and pay to naysay. It’s her $ and right to pay and receive the message. Agents are everywhere. It just further proves the veracity of the information.

  12. Did yall see the video of floyd youngest daughter basically saying he think she stupid and worthless and how her siblings think she difficult and hard to deal with then the song kept playing and it was pictures of her and her mom and the verse on the song basically was saying her mom was there. I tried to explain it better. I saw it on goasipof the city. But off course the pg private again.

  13. So glad the world is waking up and not drinking the free koolaide. Keep your children close! These pedos, blood drinkers and ritualists time is up. Babylon must fall.

  14. See I don’t believe the pizzagate shit at all because it was white supremacist who “exposed” pizzagate saying they found it in the emails of democrats….oh and it was also during 2016 (election year) 🙄

  15. Obama is gay, Obama is a pedophile, Michelle is a man, the Clintons are pedophiles, Chris Tucker went to Epstein’s pedo Island, celebrities and public figures are frauds who sacrifice babies and drink adrenochrome.

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