September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Babyface and Teddy Riley Beef

  1. I thought it was a good battle.
    I felt Teddy held back on bigger MJ, Blackstreet songs l, could’ve played more Keith Sweat & didn’t even play Bobby Brown which would’ve been more compelling

    His song selection was interesting & I felt he misstepped on a few songs

    Babyface though was on it & had the right ambiance.

    The remix shade was funny as well as the other subtle jabs

    That blend of Count on Me/When You Believe was absolutely incredible & special

    Toni was going hard in the paint for her man. Does that mean they’ll finally go public?

  2. Babyface definitely threw shade especially with the “I don’t do remixes” and the red solo cup with kool-aid. Lmaoo gotta love them. Both are 2 of the best to ever do it. But I have Babyface winning overall. Teddy started panicking after the guitar came out, and I think he ended the live so he could hook his keyboard up that he magically came back with.

  3. This backstory makes perfect sense. Babyface won for that very reason he can write for ANYBODY. And Bobby was just pissed , “On our Own” ,from Ghostbusters is STILL the jam lol 🎼🎼🎵😉.

  4. I definitely think Babyface won even though they both had hits. Babyface was more diverse. He could literally write for anyone. He said what he said…”I don’t do remixes anyway”. Also, he isn’t extra. Plus, his shade was impeccable and smooth. LoL.

  5. I definitely peeped baby face pettiness especially when he said “I don’t do remixes”. Teddy was being petty at the end trying to show off and was acting like he didn’t see face in the comments to let him back in the live. Teddy Riley phone service was trash and he lost due to that. Lol

  6. First I’m loving the article!! Me and my brother definitely priced Teddy’s arrogance and that he obviously had a chip on his shoulder, and I definitely noticed the smooth ass babyface shade!! This makes so much since now! Love the comments too ❤️ There should be a funny reaction cause this whole thing from the live to the memes to this article got me. Rollin 😂

  7. Babyface got credit for the track You Are My Life (one of my favs) on MJ’s Invincible. Teddy did the damn thing with Dangerous but I do wish Face and MJ would have collaborated more.

  8. I didn’t get to watch it but I seen clips and see that there was some HUGE competitiveness between the two. But it’s good to see them putting those differences to the side for the Culture

  9. I had my money on Babyface anyways because he was a huge staple in our household. He had more diversity in his collections. Teddy was good too and also dominated the 90s but Babyface was more talked about. I mean, I don’t usually care for soundtracks but the only soundtrack i can listen to from start to finish was “waiting to Exhale”. Best composed album ever. One of my Fav babyface produced record was “Secret” by Madonna. Teddy’s arrogance is a turn off at times butI give credit to him as well.

    1. I agree about the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. I was hoping he would play Pebbles and Take a Bow.

  10. I know everybody said Babyface but I felt like Teddy won lol he’s right he had those songs I wanna party to!

  11. I caught it and Babyface won. It would have been a much smoother win without the screens freezing 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Teddy was wayyy too extra for me. By the way the Babyface station on Amazon music is the best!

  12. Lol this story puts much context on babyface lil Michael Jackson impression and song selection lol lol

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