October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Truth About Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon Part 2

  1. There was a rumor that Scooter Braun had sabotaged Victoria Justice for Ariana Grande when she was about to blow up, and that’s why Ariana took off instead. Now I’m thinking it was just the Studio probably sabotaging her for her shenanigans with Dan. I always thought he was obsessed with Ariana more than Victoria for some reason smh

  2. Sick ass ppl! It’s a lot of pedophile’s in the industry! But they only wanna point out RKelly smh

  3. What grown man has a foot fetish of CHILDREN? Yes only the sickest kind. Didn’t the parents find that odd. I believe it. There is too much weird evidence backing it up. And Jamie Lynn Spears 😮! All this time I thought she had that kid for another teenager. Dan is a possible father… Just sad and sick.

  4. Been watching reruns of old Nick shows and got to thinking… I’ve always wondered how was it Kenan and Kel got by unscathed so to speak. They were on “All That” for years and you look at them now and they’re good.

    Were Nickelodeon and their demon spawn execs just targeting young girls? Seems as if they were mostly the ones to have things happen to them. Or were the boys going through their own things too and just never spoke up?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. I think they just never came forward about whatever they went through. I did hear though that Kel did hit a suicidal point at some time because of some things that he had gone through but I don’t think he got specific.

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