October 3, 2022

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20 thoughts on “What Is Really Going On With Tom Hanks?

  1. They are concealing something with him and others like Oprah and Ellen. I noticed how Beyonce comes out after many people were asking where her and Jay have been. Plus they always use Blue or the kids to distract. I wouldn’t be surprised they aren’t in house arrest too

    1. That’s what I’m saying the video of rumi and juelz(her nephew) pops up, but it didn’t really get too much buzz

  2. I saw this thread on Twitter a few days ago and it’s probably one of the best detailed accounts of all the strangeness surrounding Tom. This video sheds even more light on the tweets. I slightly remember Tom’s son having a breakdown some years ago. It makes me wonder if all his breakdowns were caused by something he knows about his parents. I can’t imagine what children of these kind of people go thru…

  3. There is a lot of fishy and strange things going on during this pandemic. Every thing is at a standstill, so now all the dirt that could easily be done without a moving world knowing is being exposed. There are no distractions, people are quarantine and have plenty of time to pay attention. I would not be shocked if Tom and those others are locked up.

    1. This is spooky stuff G. I appreciate this post because it was informative. The deepfake video was new to me. I wonder how much of what we see is even real….

      1. Now imma be paying close attention to peep the deep fake. But what you think about the type writers? I thought it was something weird how people speaking on typewriters. What do they mean?Tom was definitely at a facility with barcode doors. Hotels don’t have barcodes on their doors. Just a month ago tom looked stressed and wrinkle. The guy on snl looked like he was in his 40’s.

  4. Can u start summing up these videos because I’m not trying to watch a 40min video about something I could’ve read in 3

  5. Oprah and Ellen have ankle bracelets on. Tom and Rita are either dead or in jail…Of Those sealed indictments that went out, I heard most of them went straight to LA to the Hollywood pedophile rings. I’m glad I get to see this during my lifetime. God is good, God loves the kids.

  6. Thanks for this. Been waiting. G can you explain his nasty IG? Do you think they Will do time? These nasty celebs devils

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