October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 4/18/2020

  1. When these rappers get some money the first thing they do is become disrespectful towards females it’s disgusting. I don’t feel sorry for them when they fall flat on their face. London and Summer is both weirdos to me but he do seem like the possessive type after he get f**ked and s**ked a certain type a way and then you can’t get rid of him. She probably engaged in threesomes with him and other men. Yuck

  2. G, as usual you are right on the money! Especially about lady gaga and the World Health Organization!!!

  3. I don’t have a good feeling about Drake I feel like he’s been getting a lot more heat in the public eye then we’ve ever seen him get before. From getting boo’d off the stage, to songs constantly leaking, to people still calling him a pedo, and now I’m noticing more people criticizing his music….after seeing what happen to Nicki, I have anxiety toward the other OG’s as the newer class gets ushered in.

    1. He’s built big so when drunk, he would have a bit more ommf with whoever. But she could have always went home, if I had a man ask for sex or a type of sexual act I would have been out the door! If I didn’t agree

  4. That Teddy vs Babyface was a shit show. I have a new level of respect for Babyface though. He was unbothered and chuckling at the bullshit Teddy was doing. When Teddy’s mans came on the mic talking about give us 30 minutes and come back… I was like this bullshit right here 🙄

  5. The Drake sugar disappoints me but like someone once said, “money doesn’t make you, it reveals you”. I don’t know why it’s so hard to settle down with ONE woman and go on about your business. Drake has had some of the baddest women in the industry but every time he fucks it up. With the women who are not famous he seems to relish in being verbally abusive and doing nasty things (not physical) and discarding them. I don’t support that. It’s becoming clear that his music and his persona are all fake. He doesn’t respect women and half the time I don’t even think he likes them. If he doesn’t knock it off (which it seems he won’t) he will go down in absolute flames. I truly hate to see it.

    1. Probably why Nicki never gave him a chance. She knows how he really is and he revealed himself further befriending all of her enemies

  6. Good tea ☕

    Something in my soul told me that Teddy Riley vs Babyface battle was gonna be trash 😂. Too many ppl are doing this right now. They need to lay off.

    Drake, Drake, Drake *deep sigh*. This dude doesn’t learn. It was already put out there with all the drama with the last album they were ready to take him out. Instead of flying right, he continues to go left. He NEEDS to do better. If he wants to be single, be single. But don’t be a azz where the women can report back on you. I don’t even wanna know what this “bad story” is gonna be, but rape is looming in my head, smh. Pandemic 2020 might be his saving grace, just keep working on the album and don’t drop anytime soon. Maybe the “bad story” will be forgotten 💁.

  7. Teddy riley should be ashamed of himself, no wonder they put it off the first time

    Drake done that bs to himself

    Summer and London was weird together anyway. She knew him choking her wasn’t going to go well

    The game is trash

    Poor carl you were a little too giving. The guy you thought you knew hustled you and came up. On some real shit any nigga that don’t have shit will do that. Especially another man paying for stuff and you a grown man yourself that look wild. He took his man hood back betraying you.cant get mad at nobody but yourself. Females do the same shit so.🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. At this point Carl is a crybaby …..we didnt need to know what you did for him …..if it was truly from your heart then it should of never been on social media……and second you he talked all that shit …so something must be up with that contract ……

  9. LOTD got turned out by R. Kelly. His mother Mack was responsible for setting up meetings for those girls to R. Kelly.

  10. The Teddy Babyface debacle was hysterical! I love them both, but was rooting for Teddy and he totally dropped the ball.

  11. London is his actual name G and i feel regardless if drake did it or not we know if the industry wants u trashed they will find a way even if it means paying people off to lie about u

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