October 4, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 4/15/20

    1. I’m sorry to all TV star. Jay z and Bey are not TV stars. Any musician or reality tv are not TV stars. my opinion

  1. Y’all i doubt 2 is nicki and kenny. I know y’all don’t want to see them together but I believe their good. That sound like Giselle “smoke and mirrors” I knew something was up. Good leave jay.

    1. I think #2 is giselle also. It has been reported that divorces across the board have gone up during this time.

  2. whts Going on with Chadwick Boseman?? Is he losing weight for a role cause he looks sick. All star weekend I thought he looked wild but yesterday his post 😳.
    They gotta stop selling they souls then looming stress like they didn’t know what they signed up for

  3. 1.Kirsty Alley – Cheers -Scientology (?? Not sure if she’s broke tho)
    2. Bey & J or JLo & ARod. Jose Canseco is relentless
    3.Camila & Shawn or Toni & Birdman

  4. 1. Kirstie Alley from Cheers (Scientology)
    2. Nicki and Kenneth. Or Bey and Jay? Or Kim and Kanye
    3. ?? Not sure, but I see everyone saying Toni and Birdman and Babyface…so I’ll go with that too, lol

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