September 30, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everyone

  1. Damn Gina! This a lot to take in at once but keep it coming lol!
    Not surprised Common dropped T.H. At the bus stop.
    Smh Angela you didn’t have to do this to yourself 😭
    And is Megan in anything other than driving the boat? Cause she’s been talking ALOT of ish lately and she always looks out of it.

  2. This was a lot!!!! But good stuff. I need to throw you some $$$$.

    Tiffany did this to herself. Her and her big mouth. When she put Common on camera at his house with Ced the entertainer. It was a wrap. She was trying too hard but let’s see how long this last. Common better hope Haddish don’t spill the beans cuz she get drunk and mad and will tell it ALL and some.

    Meghan, she is overrated. I saw that drunken dick rant. I’m so sick of seeing her 1/2 naked on IG twerking.

    Winnie Harlow tries too hard.

    Draya is thirsty. I like her but her and her thirst trap flicks on IG is too much. Still hurt over Orlando perhaps???

    This was good G!!!

  3. I didn’t even have to turn the sound on to know that Meg was drunk as a skunk LOL I still have a hard time believing Tiffany and Common were ever a real item. Jose is dirty mackin’ for real!!!

  4. Whew the tea…so did iggy have the baby yet? Is she still staying at her BD house in atl?

    Tyga and Jordan were married so not a reach. She was at his birthday party and she’s taken pictures in his house.

    Was that an humiliation ritual for Lizzo in Diddy’s live?

    Nate was commenting all through jordyns live

    Megan needs to lay off the liquor. She’s an annoying drunk

    Chyna has messed her face up completely. No coming back. Tyga doesn’t want a ghost

    Keep coming with the tea. I’m loving it

  5. I still don’t see the appeal of lil man (DaBaby)

    If Usher stole his sound, he did a helluva job stealing it. Although it was different from his usual sound, Usher bodied tf outta Climax

    Blacc Chyna gets more creature like every time I see her

  6. I knew reginae was with lucci on the low right after i saw the pictures of him and zonnique bf in Dubai.

    But wasn’t future messing with lori before we all knew? Before meek song?

    What you mean Jordyn not so nice?

    I know that’s right tyga get your wife back lol

    Poor chyna and winnie all over the place

  7. I don’t blame Common. Don’t put my business on social media and damn sure don’t joke about trapping me with a baby. Tiffany is a pretty woman who talks too much. That’s why they’re skeptical around her in the industry. She’s not funny. She loud and ghetto.

  8. I didn’t like Common with T.H. She seems too loud for him. I hope Reginae don’t get back with Lucci, she is too young to deal with baggage that he brings. She can date so many guys with less baggage.

  9. Megan needs help. Sis stays wasted. That is probably why she is falling short of taking care of her business, too busy “driving the boat”. She is going to become known as a drunk instead of a rapper, driving that boat straight to Betty Ford.

    Blac Chyna looking like a extra in Fright night.

    Diddy is all over the place. Guilt will have you going in circles.

    I like the Weeknd, but he knows better. Usher has been out 20 yrs before you sir, if anybody copied it was YOU(Weeknd) lol.

    Tekashi thinks it is all fun and games… Until it’s not.

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