October 4, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Sugar Battle Round 2 | G vs Heaven Hollywood

  1. I heard years ago that Mario was bisexual 👀 if you wouldve spilled THAT tea 🍵 I would’ve voted for you ❤️ maybe Mario turned down RiRi bc…. Yeah

  2. I love both of y’all but there was a bunch of tea in the stories that we already heard on the blog. It was kinda a tie but since we can only vote for 1 I’m gonna go with Heav cause my mouth dropped a little with the kelly sugar. Miss proper like it rough and freaky lol Sorry G ❤️

    Score is now 1-1.

    1. I also remember that Mario/Rihanna Record “Emergency Room” that was my song. Always wondered why it didn’t get much airplay plus It’s kinda hard to find on YouTube now actually…wonder if LA had it scrubbed or something?

  3. Good sugar but majority was kinda already talked about these are just more in depth. I chose Heav because that Eve sugar is what I’ve been waiting for 👀
    How did she even link up with Max he’s practically a Billionaire, major come up

    1. They got that song together, max really saved eve. But eve and LUDACRIS wowwww. He be low key in the mix. Eve was my fave though she can really rap.

  4. This was a hard one. But based on that first story about Kelly and Beyonce that was tea I want aware of I went with G

    1. Eve and gwen🤯

      Bey looks Like the jealous envious type no suprise here

      Mario my love keep ur soul plz

      Luda stop cheating on ur beautiful wife i wonder if all these wives that are outside of the industry know what’s going on behind the scenes

      Lauren u’ll loose the respect and righteous image u created for urself after this comes out and i hope it does soon

      1. 😂😂😂i hope the lauren tea come out too. Got diddy out here looking like the good person trying act like she doesn’t want him😭😭😹😹

        Awee poor lori got everybody shook lil mama don’t even be doing anything for attention damn. That’s right lil sis

      2. I am sure the wives knows about the cheating. I don’t feel sorry for them. The lifestyles is what they fell in love with.

    1. Great 🍵 as usual; both if yall were good. Dam does Giselle really act like that. I mean she get the majority of shine & attn anyway, can the other girls have a lil…sheesh. And Kelly always riding hard for her alll the time. Y is Kelly still her friend.

      Poor Sandra, girl just come out and b free. And Eve..hmm hmm hmm , i would also like to know how she met Max.

  5. Something has been puzzling me..what time is this site set in, est, cst, pst. Ive noticed when stuff is posted the times have not even happened yet. What i posted was like at 910 am but it says 111pm or sometimes when a story is posted the day and time is in the future..lol. help me please somebody unless G got us in a future portal lol 😂😂

  6. Beyonce and her jealous ass, I can’t handle her. So Kelly and Breezy? That was on a tour they had together … damn Kelly and his choke preferences in bed .. Heaven wins

  7. The Kelly and Bey sugar SHOCKED me. Lol!! We need more back story on these two. Fighting? As usual, Bey and her passive aggressiveness rubbing people the wrong way.

    Good job Heav!

    1. Replied too quickly! I’m also surprised about the Gwen and Eve tea? They dated?!?! We need .ore back story on that.

      Had no idea Sandra Bullock was a lesbian. I’m surprised at that one too.

  8. More on giselle man. Her secrets must be out lol imma go with g. But damn so was it true kelly rode the workout bike for gucci mane? Y’all remember when he was flexing on everybody before he got locked up?.

  9. I think G won this round. Although Heaven blew me away with the Eve and Gwen story. I never knew that.

    Don’t understand who keeps hyping Beyonce to think she had something going on. She is just a lame looking light skin chic. there’s no Pizzazz about her. So this is definitely something new to me to hear that her Kelly had many fights.

    1. Giselle really doesn’t surprise me being jealous of Kelly!
      If Mario would have signed that deal he would have been huge I believe but I’m so glade he didn’t!
      All this 🍵 was great!!
      I picked G tho😊

  10. Y’all don’t remember g telling us that Sandra likes carpet munching and kinda gave us a hint her and rih may have done something for that movie?💁🏾‍♀️

  11. Eve??? Even better EVE & Luda 🤯🤯🤯 Mario, I’m happy he didn’t sell out. I mean how could you STILL sell out even AFTER they TELL you “how this all works”, that just speaks to MANY of these “stars” we all love and respect being a total thirst bucket for fame and money above all the things their family instilled in them with a touch of stupidity and lack of a spine. No amount of money could buy my INTEGRITY and love of Christ.

  12. so gossip in the city got a video of rumi and juelz
    On Twitter people saying it’s deleted on ig but its still up on Twitter.In comments on thatssobold ig pg saying fee hacked his icloud. She so cute looks just like blue. But what’s this about is Giselle trying to keep her name relevant cuz people really forgot about the twins.

  13. “Still in love with my Ex”, will always be my jam from Kelly. I knew that song had to be about Roy lol. But Kelly and Chris, never saw that pairing.

    I remember that line Eve said about skinny Bishes, now it makes sense lol. But Eve and Gwen, yeah didn’t see that coming. And I didn’t see the Luda connection either lol.

    As always, these are a tight race because the tea is so sweet from BOTH sides. But today, I gotta go with Heaven 😂. That Eve/Gwen info is what did it lol

  14. Eve and Gwen? 🤯 Diddy still pressing Lauren? Mario with amber rose ex? 🤯🤯 damn y’all! Good tea

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