October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “A Message to Heaven About Our 2nd Round Battle (LOL!)

  1. This may be super random and no relevant but can you do some posts on the Gotti family and that stupid Karan Gravano. Like this lady is really trying hard to make money off her father Sammy the bull. I’m surprised he hasn’t been blown up yet.

  2. I hope y’all coming with the Leon tea, mixed with a little Levert, Intro, Janet Jackson/ MC Lyte, and Hi-Five.

  3. Omg..that 1st round was a doozy so i can only imagine what the 2nd round will be..but we ready. Um excuse me i didn’t know anything about j cole…Girllll u better spill it. We want all the deets 👀👀

  4. G I was watching the reality show with Wacka and Tammy and I was thinking about the segment you did on them. I see why Wacka cheat on Tammy she’s mad aggressive and refuse to listen to her man. She’s annoying.

      1. Yea I didn’t like her on Love and Hip Hop either. I just feel like she do things to compete or prove something to the people.

  5. I love you G, buuut Heav won lol. He didn’t molly whop you, just maybe a little bippity bop 😂😂

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