October 4, 2022

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25 thoughts on “O.T.P. Highlights From Our First PR Chat in Over 2 Months

  1. Y’all just Gonna glide over Zac and Leonardo like that?!?! We wanna know the tea! Haha damn Zac was everyone fleshlight early in the game. Didn’t will Smith and him have a loving relationship? Cough cough? Leo probably initiated him.

  2. Wait…The only thing interesting in those convos is the Leo and Zac tea. Can you elaborate? I know about Zac going both ways but dammit can you give us some Leonardo tea?? Lmao. He has been on the suspect list for quite some time so I need a confirmation…

    1. G gave us some sugar on Leonardo before… if you search his name on here, you can find the season he’s in and the sugar.

    2. In the industry he is in he had to be subjected to it. Kind of like Usher but he does not prefer the mens

  3. Have they kept the whole Cardi B sick thing under wraps? I haven’t seen anything int he blogs about her taking ill. They seem to love posting her rants … Maybe it’s me and I’m just missing the posts…

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