September 30, 2022

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25 thoughts on “What you didn’t know about the beef between KHLOE KARDASHIAN and BLAC CHYNA

    1. It makes better sense now. Lol but damn over the game wth. Chyna and khloe needs to talk. But rob was messy too.

      1. Rob was very messy he knew how Khloe felt about Chyna and to have her in her house was very disrespectful like she said and i woulda molly whopped the floor wit Chyna cause she knew wtf she was doing and put rob big funky ass tf out! She already dun said it’s disrespectful for her being there then they go to his room well Khloe room since it’s her house! Oh hell tf NO!!!! That’s y rob in the position he in now! KARMA! And Chyna looking like the bride of chucky! I bet Rob smell sweaty🥴

  1. I didn’t realize how far back this went… they’re both dope and can’t pick guys. It’s sad

  2. I truly hope they can make amends. Life is just too short and there is a child involved who doesn’t need to experience anything that destructive to her growth.

    1. So now Khloe is leading the brigade to take the girl baby. Their all sad. And for what? Reality TV. And some lame dudes. These are the role models of our youth.

      1. Yes and I don’t like that. Khloe saying that Dream returns from Chyna’s house and is aggressive towards her cousins. She’s 3 and a lot of toddlers at that age are quite aggy. She better stop playing before Chyna puts a move on Tristan or have a homegirl go after him.

  3. This was a good post. Thank You. The only beautiful thing that came out of it was Dream. She is one cute kid!

  4. They’re all messy in my opinion. Every last one of them. Chyna, the kardashians, and the Jenners are all cut from the same thotty cloth 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. This is disturbing

    Also what is the explanation of the Khloe/Trey Songz hookup or whatever when Khloe was friends with Lauren London?

  6. From wife life to hoe life. I remember G’s story a while back about what really happened with Kylie and Tyga and she DID say it was Khloe who egged it on and Kim was telling her not to do it. Khloe is a horrible sister, basically pimped her baby sister out just to get revenge. It aaalllll backfired. Funny thing is The Game has no respect for her, telling the whole world about her head game.

    1. Khole also got karma by being humiliated multiple times. What you do in the dark comes to the light.

  7. I want Khloe to sit down somewhere. She always wanna play tuff and really isn’t. She thinks her height makes her intimidating. She needs to be rocked one good time with humble gardens again.

  8. Smhhhhh. This is SCANDALOUS!!!!!! Nobody is gonna be checking for them in the next 5-7 years if they keep this up. But then again these clown ass hoe ass men is always gonna be around.

  9. Regardless of on they feel towards each other, THEY ARE ALL STILL FAMILY WETHER LIKE IT OR NOT!

  10. i’m honestly shocked Chyna would be scared of Khloe enough to run away from her. she may be bigger but Chyna claims to be with the shits. either way they should sort it all out and be civil. there’s no reason for two women to have hate for one another over men especially men who aren’t even in the picture anymore. hopefully that can happen for Dream’s sake.

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