September 30, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/5/2020

    1. Rite THats way i wanna know too. I’m scared for her but idk if i should be cause I’m assuming they won’t let anything happen to her 😞

      1. Right. I would like to assume that too. But Kim and her momma belittles her in front of us I can only imagine behind the scenes.

  1. How will all of this affect kourtney I wonder…. Ayanna is a hot ass mess… not worth it baby girl

  2. I forgot about Larsa and future. I don’t think lori wants kids right now she just chilling playing house with future.

    But i wonder how this going to play out with Kourtney i wish her the best.

    1. Blacchyna and Khloe almost came to blows before but Kim was able to diffuse it that is when that big online fight happened when Khloe was defending kylie and Kim it was a big ole thing behind the scenes that got diffused when Kim meant up with amber then it got reintroduced when chyna started fuckin rob and had a kid Khloe was totally against it. She was the only one that is why her and rob fell out because Khloe was the only one saying Chyna was not good for rob the mom agreed but the other sisters were like no give her a chance Rob and Koko was the closest but then they fell out for over a year. Khloe even had rob living with her and Lamar and when it came to Chyna he took Chyna’s side at first . Ill give a full break down

  3. Yaya is a mess. Better hope that girl pulls through. But either way, I can still see this turning into a attempted murder charge, smh.

    Kourtney just needs to exit stage left. It is beyond obvious she is over it. And while she is making her exit take her sisters with her. This show needs to be done.

    Larsa, was the multi baby daddy peen that good 😂?

    1. I didn’t know Jessie Reyez was from Toronto. Hmmm… From Toronto and she’s 5 years younger then him. Interesting let’s see.

  4. Future too busy with Lori baby girl.. he got that young poo-tang. Larsa’s time up and done.. at least for now

  5. Why is chyna going after mr Khloe
    Floyd’s daughter is stupid
    I hope the Kardashian’s show ends
    Good I hope the best for Johnny
    Why are kum and kourtney fighting again?

  6. I think Black Chyna wants smoke w/Khloe because she probably feels she behind the custody battle w/Rob. Yaya, is that Ms. Harris’ daughter, maybe that is why she is acting out.

    1. That wasn’t her her mom that passed, but it was her siblings mother and she could be dealing with that but shorty needs to get it together.

  7. Iyanna needs to leave that lil boy alone! I do not understand what is it with these lil girls obsession with him- they willing to look dumb and stupid for his ugly ass!

    Larsa..take several sits. Futures another one that got these grown ass women actin a fool 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Lara is so damn thirsty..its 2nd hand embarrassing.

    Yaya is going to voluntarily ruin her life chasing behind this foolish little boy. And he is just making a mockery out of it.

  9. I wish the best with Johnny Depp

    I Hope Kourtney exits with no harm to her or her kids. And take her sisters as well because the show needs to be done

    When is Channing gonna come out?

  10. Supposedly the girl yaya attacked is believed to be pregnant that’s why they were calling her one of his baby mommas

  11. Unfortunately Yaya is just young and dumb we all were there before and it may not have gotten to that level but we all been there. I always felt Kourtney was over it. Larsa seems desperate and tired. Lori is her mother reincarnated. Selena still got it wow.

  12. This NBA Youngboy has these girls crazy for him. Yaya has been in his rotation for a while on & off. Plus this beef between him & Kodak Black won’t end well.

    Kourtney’s been over the show for a while and Kim talks trash about them. That slap was coming.

    Khloe sticking up for an underage Kylie with a grown ass Tyga was sickening.

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