September 30, 2022

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43 thoughts on “G vs Heaven | The Wildest Party Moments

  1. G takes the Win but Heav got Round 3 cause he dropped that ray j smashed golden girl Britney lol he lucky he didn’t get caught or that would’ve been his ass haha and the Diddy tea you already spilled to us before G 👀 but you still get the win ❤️

  2. Imma have to go with G! I thought it was Cassie the whole time in the last story lol I see it’s someone else smh!

    1. Oh I’m thinking the 1st half of #3 was Cassie & then the 2nd half was Lauren London (the one T.I kept ass smacking) lol

  3. That damn Beyoncé been around lol no wonder jay been cheating he just snatched her up because she was desperate back then and he was able to manipulate her lose ass. I don’t think LL would lie.

    Ti kept smacking lauren butt. Why she act so stuck on nip. Like bitch show pics of him being a dad I’m tired of he stretching that they were together. “Kandi voice” the lies the lies…

    Dame just messy as hell.

    I might be a lil young for kieth murray but whatever he did he got mad ol girl was telling that.😂

  4. I call a tie 😂. I think we need to do another battle. The info in this was too much 😂!

      1. Heav barely got the win from me. Both of them was dropping hay makers and connecting!!

  5. Ray J and Britney? Interestingly enough she did an interview way back in the day talking about how she was rude to her one time lol

  6. Damn y’all… It was almost a tie. But I am going to give it to Heaven. Only because G you already told us about Diddy walking Cassie around on a leash and a mask

  7. Ray j had alot of the big women back then. I’m glad lil kim didn’t do anything. Her ass would have been really black balled fucking with “the money maker” britt.

  8. Keith crazy stay an hour away from me in Hemingway. Y’all need to ask Keith who that big girl he was running away from at Studio 54 believe last? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Lord! I had to clutch my pearls and wave my church fan! G won but Heaven with the Ray J and Lynn story laid me out! I like this battle! Two Goats!!

  10. Sorry but Heaven won. That Britney and Ray-j Tea is new to me. I would’ve never guess that they ever hooked up back in the day. Brit was swirling her ass off..

  11. Yes! I absolutely love this! I’m going to go with G. But wow Beyonce and LL cool J? I need more tea on that situation.

    This was good. Love it!

  12. Definitely going with g! I mean let’s be honest the last one is juicy cuz it’s allll what we’ve been thinking

  13. Lauren is a slut. The lady who does readings on Nipsey and is very accurate. Bc she said all this before I found this blog , when I found this blog it confirmed everything The MEDUIM said about Lauren. And she says Lauren is sleeping with Nipsey whole crew plus sleeping TI still and I’m not going to mention who else this lady seen around Lauren. She’s the black widow who the industry sick on men to get their money. Just like they sicked her on Nipsey.

  14. G took the first two rounds but Heav shook the table with the 3rd round. Lil Kim was smart to not mess with Brittney that night (especially over Willie Jr.).

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