October 3, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Real Reason Drake Decided To Show his Son

  1. If the rule was to wait 2 years before getting involved with another man and Adonis is almost two, it’s no coincidence. He knows what he doing. He also followed Rihanna once people started trying to put him and Sophie together to deflect attention. He is not slick in the slightest. How you been chopping it up with Rih in IG lives and even went and liked her picture when she dropped the PND record but Still didn’t follow her…now you do all of this and you wanted to make sure people didn’t think anything extra so you hit the follow button. He don’t want Sophie he just don’t want anyone else to have her.

  2. I been saying that when it came right down to it, Drake was disgusted with HIMSELF that he let this lady catch him slipping. He is still pissed, but image is important to him and he has to play the role, “I am a dad. I love my kid. And I got love for the mother.” Even though deep down he lying.

    Even though Drake loves his son, who is adorable, he still has some resentment that the child isn’t for Rhianna. Because if he didn’t feel that way, he would have never said that he wished that too, in the 1st place.

    As for Sophie, it is what it is. This is what happens when you sleep with strangers unprotected. Now she is collecting coin from a man who is controlling her every move. And she isn’t going to go against him because she doesn’t want any problems. But I don’t believe Drake loves or likes her past her being the child’s mother. I think he just likes the idea of knowing he can tell her to jump and she will ask how high. Just like she has him by the balls, he has her by the titty. When he gets tired of trolling her, she will be dating. Bet she wishes should would have saved that egg for someone else. When going after the coin goes left.

    Any who as much as Drake is gonna push this “we a cool and a family” narrative, I wouldn’t doubt that there is dysfunction in the background. With this set up, you can’t help that. Plus I don’t believe Sophie is as innocent as people think. We know he gave her rules. Fee got those intimate pictures from someone. I know she can lie, but I believe her about Sophie being the culprit. Those pictures were too intimate.

    1. also “delete her hoeness” LOL. Ask Draya how that is going LOL. In this day and age of the internet and social media, that past isn’t going NO where. The internet doesn’t forget.

    1. Very he got female ways. That’s what he gets for being an actor. You thought you was going to gain more clout on the back of a brown women. God said watch out i got his ass. I still think he faking for the brown community idc.

  3. Wow weird day. So Drake is actively trying to delete Sophie’s hoeness for her.

    This random family photo release in the middle of the night with that doctoral thesis trying to explain yourself when most of the world is sleep.

    Then randomly following Riri as a deflection when everyone’s discussing the photos when you’ve been @ the minimum chatting on IG for what the last week or 2 with Riri? So why follow her again today sir? 👀

    Then Riri’s Vogue article comes out where she explicitly said she’s in her 30’s now & isn’t taking no BS from men. THANK GOODNESS & it’s about time

  4. I feel like Drake only has those stipulations because he isn’t with anybody right now. If Rihanna wanted to be with him tomorrow, he would not be trying to control Sophie.

  5. I believe drake loves his baby mother. His son look just like drake’s mother. Blue eyes and blonde her like drake’s mother. There no way he could not love this baby boy. I know every time he like at his son he sees his mother. Drake need to stop the lies. I’m glad he is being a father to his son. As much as I dont like this relationship with Sophia. They look like a good family in that picture. Everybody has forgiven drake all his lies. His career is still hot. They try to killed his career bcause of Sophia. Now look at him now. I like drake but he need to be with who he loves. Kanye west love Kim Kardashian no matter what everybody else says about her. Drake should do the same love Sophia and stop acting like you dont love her.

    1. right. You know how many hoes you messed with why you mad about a pornstar. Bye drake eat your mess and be grateful and happy. Whose to say she wasn’t disgusted that drake would mess with porn stars and others.

  6. Wow, those stipulations really just made me dislike Drake. How can you bitter with the woman YOU chose to lay down with and have unprotected sex with? I understand the draw of a nice payday, but I honestly would have told him to kiss my yella ass and see me in court. Those rules reek of manipulation and control.

  7. The baby is gorgeous and looks like drake’s ma. Drake needs to stop being so controlling and looking at Sophie like she’s a terrible person, it takes two to make a baby. Side note where is the porn that Sophie done cause all I can find is naked webcam stuff and that’s not porn.

  8. Wow! I am getting he is a narcissistic controlling ass hole. I’m really not liking him. If this is how he treats all the women in his life, I’d be scared to be Sophie. She will never have a real life cause his psycho ass.

  9. I don’t believe in Coincidences either. Honestly it was much better being lowkey with this, personally I’m Anti showing kids on IG. People are horrible about kids, regardless if they’re parents are of status or not. Plus they already clown Sophie’s looks as it is.

    Drake is probably doing this because he doesn’t want to share Sophie with another rapper. What I mean by that is, if she has kids with another rapper that’s more mess. Is it controlling? Absolutely and I don’t agree with it.

    Adonis is his grandmother’s twin for sure his eyes are so sparkly.

    Didn’t Rih want to be married first before having kids? (Correct me if I’m wrong) But moved to another country with a boyfriend who didn’t purpose? I don’t know, to me it just don’t seem like she’s meet anyone to meet her expectations, which can be hard or gives too much? And I don’t really get her dynamic with Drake, it’s like she doesn’t really care for him.

    Issa lot going on and I wish them all the best, for the sake of Adonis.

  10. So basically ppl telling him to wife a hoe cause he got trapped with a baby🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..yea ok. That’s weird. Just because u love ur child does NOT mean u have to love or be with the other parent. She knew what she was doing when she trapped him. She bought the karma that comes with it. Kids are born off flings everyday B but I’ll be damned if I’m locking myself into someone who I NEVER loved nor wanted in that way just because of a child. Stop having babies outside of wedlock or any real commitment. He loves his son not the hoe. Period

  11. You can just tell he looks so uncomfortable in the photo. But it takes two to make a baby so I agree, maybe resentment toward her but mostly with himself. I don’t care about the woman’s past most will for some reason but she did what she had to do back in the day. I’m sure they’ve worked hard to take all of that stuff down that she used to be involved in. Or not lol none of my business not like I’ll be looking it up. 😂 I think she’s beautiful

    1. Drake and ALL his “Scorpio-ism”. He KNOWS he thinks his BM is cool. She has done the things he asked. Besides the baby is 2, she probably ready to be free. Lol. Adonis is adorable, I hope Drake lets Sophie have a life and doesn’t be a typical BD and try to keep a hold of those reins.

    2. Scorpio woman are controlling too my gma and I couldn’t get along for shit and i had a supervisor that was a scorpio omg and she was trying to control me too. Lorddd

  12. Rihanna told him that he should treat the mother of his child with more respect…so that is what he is doing.


  14. He can be as disgusted as he likes, she is the mother of his adorable child. He should just stop being a typical insecure ass child. Drake has always been a corny AF

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