October 4, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Real Reason Women Like Tammy Rivera Date Men Like Waka Flocka

    1. Seems she was insecure while getting beat up but nothing like attention to get someone out of that rut. Baltimore-Tammy, Eniko & Tamar Braxton no pre-nup. On top of that Waka cant have kids. 😒

  1. Tammy is a very pretty girl and she can sing. Well she sounds better than me🥴 I’ve been watching the show and see how spoiled her daughter is and how Waka and the daughter interact with each other. By the time the season is over with I’m sure I’ll have seen the control she has over him.

  2. Well this answers all my questions about them!- thanks G! Always thought Tammy was the insecure one and questioned why she never left him despite all the cheating. I always questioned Waka’s willingness to grovel and she would always take him back- used to think damnnnn Tammy, if that was me at some point, I’d be tiredt of the grovelling and I’d up and leave!
    I see now why Tammy won’t leave- that lifestyles too good! I guess they’re made for each other then 🤷🏽‍♀️ Safe to say, Tammy been a city girl 😏

    1. I always wondered why they had no kids together…Could this be why, she don’t want none by him! 😜

      1. His sperm count is low from taking drugs. Hopefully those detoxes he did work eventually.

  3. Chile, this makes sense. It’s all about the lifestyle and the power. She obviously likes it so I love it.

  4. So Tammy know she wear the pants and all she care about is the lifestyle. He may cheat but he ain’t going nowhere officially.

  5. I knew that was the case from the beginning !!!! Yeasuhhh! Shout out to Tammy !! That BMore blood is different I guess Hahahha. Cause Waka ain’t that fine !!

  6. when I was freshmen in college (2010), he slept with my friend at the time on the tour bus right after his concert, Deb was there and everything. He keeps a bowl of condoms on the bus. We was about to rob them for they jewelry, but got scared lol (it was just laying around). His tour bus driver not lying. There were dudes he was with at the time that was handpicking girls for him to come back to the bus.

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