October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 3/26/2020 Drake and Rihanna What’s Going On

  1. From a music perspective, every Drake/Rihanna collab is FIRE & always a hit. They kill it & most of the time it’s the first take that’s already perfect

    Riri seems way more forgiving to her exes than what I’d ever be, but I do think if she’s being cool w/Drake for business purposes is one thing

    I just don’t see with everything they’ve been through, the back & forth all these years, Drake doing him & this kid w/a pornstar might be too much to overcome to have a reconciliation. However, stranger things have happened

  2. I don’t think she would ever get back with him. He had a child. She’s not gonna take care of someone’s child. Plus I see her as wanting to have a fresh start and be married with someone who her child will be the first for both of them. I think if he wouldn’t have had a child they would have totally reconciled but seeing as that’s out the door I highly doubt there’s a new beginning with them. It would be nice to see who Rihanna ends up with drake would have been perf but now nahhhh. And I don’t see asap either.

  3. They look good together and that’s the main reason people like them together. However, That is not what keeps a relationship together. There has to be communication trust honesty and I don’t think they have that. If you build a house on top of a weak foundation it won’t take long before it crumbles.

  4. I knew it! I’ve been saying it for the longest and some disagreed. The fact that drake has a child with some woman he doesn’t even know when he dealt with Rih for a decade and some change AND discussed having children and becoming first time parents together..that must hurt! Why would Rih play step mom to the child she was technically suppose to mother, and have to deal with Sophie in the picture when Sophie can’t name the first personal detail about drake like Rih probably can? It’s like a reverse Chris and Kae I like to say lol except drake and Rih weren’t together. Rih probably feel he had a baby on her hahaha

    The J-Lo thing I’m not too sure of cause drake done smashed tons of people In the game, I’m sure SOME probably are considered friends by Rih and have smiled in her face constantly. Also that’s kinda hypocritical of Rih cause she done smashed some of drake’s rapper friends and athlete friends. I mean Look at ASAP.

    Lastly you can tell she was being petty by going to drake B-Day to piss off Hassan Cause drake wasn’t the first stop along the way, she was with ASAP first. but of course that ain’t gonna garnish as much media frenzy as her spotted with drake. If it was genuine she would’ve just popped up there first.

    I think Rih is just on a different wavelength now, that’s to be expected when you got the chance to date a billionaire and you’re closing in on being one yourself. In 2020 Rihanna getting back with drake would be fabulous for music , but a downgrade in my opinion.for drake It would Kinda be an upgrade since her brand is much bigger now, which is a wild thing.

    1. I agree with all of this. That baby messed everything up. I’m just glad that she made a decision and is standing firm on it. It sucks to see someone you planned your life with, do it with someone else.

    2. Lol, you sure have been saying about the baby situation being a deal breaker. It seems you hit the nail on the head.

      1. Lol it makes sense though doesn’t it? I mean even if it wasn’t the MAJOR issue, it definitely was ONE of their issues but folks would disagree and felt Rih could overlook Adonis…how can you overlook the child that the man you planned to start a family with, now has with a woman who was supposed to be just a one night stand? All that time they spent breaking up and making up the past decade but never once came back with some babies, and how Ironic that after their worst breakup, Drake fathers a child. Almost like the universe was like alright this is done and it’s gonna stay done boom! Also punishing drake for not being smart and suiting up. Now you’re stuck with a babymama you don’t love, and the woman who could’ve been your babymama doesn’t want anything to do with you at least romantically.

  5. I would definitely say he was being flirty with her one the first night of the clash. Calling her by her old nickname of Fring. Why would he call her that now if he was passed it?
    It calmed down the second night in my opinion because of the blogs and it was playing on the narrative of him being thirsty.
    I am not saying they are thinking of getting back together anytime soon.
    I just don’t believe he is completely over her. As for Rih she is a more difficult position. How can she trust that he won’t make a fool of her especially after all the back and forth. Personally I couldn’t do it with baby included unless he was seriously thinking marriage.

  6. I can’t lie. These two have a lot of chemistry. And their music be the bomb. He messed up when he got ole girl pregnant. Out of all the women he messed with, why the porn star? She’s for everybody.
    Only time will tell. @ G, so there’s no way there could be a reconciliation with Hassan? I mean they were together 3 years. She was open and I’m sure he was too.

  7. Honestly, with all the back and forward Drake and Rhianna do, it needs to find a end. How many times will a person try to fix something that you have tried many times to fix and it STILL doesn’t work. The 2 of them look good together and seem to have good chemistry. But there is clearly big issues they have that they can’t seem to work through.

    And now to add that baby factor in there, if in fact Drake and Rhianna spoke about starting their own family together and then Drake gets a perfect stranger pregnant 1st, I would imagine that would be painful for Rhianna. Every time she would look at the little boy, she would probably think this was supposed to be our child together. She may even have a little resentment that he gave such a precious gift(a child) to a chic that doesn’t even know his favorite color.

  8. I honestly was hoping they gotten to the point of friendly terms because they make good music together. they’ve been there done that. The relationship part it’s just gonna complicate things and they would not be able to move past things, that has happened.

  9. Everybody can make amends with everyone besides Nicki? I don’t understand… I know Drake and Nicki aren’t really beefing but aren’t friends either, but they’ll always be family and I do think one day in the future they will at least be civil and okay with each other. But Rihanna and Nicki just makes no sense. Why lose a friendship over a man neither truly wanted?? Nicki was always all over Drake, Rih should’ve known not to take it to heart in my opinion. That’s such a silly thing to have problems over for this long. I hope they can mend their differences one day and be friends again. I don’t even care who Bey is friends with shes so fake and not even there fully anymore.

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