October 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Real Reason D Nice and Malinda Williams Divorced After only 6 months

  1. Oh damn….I had no idea about them even being a couple. I knew she’d been with Mekhai. Dont they have a child together?

  2. I never knew Malinda and Mekhi were a thing. Sounds like Malinda is a hot mess, but hopefully she’s grown from that. I saw that she recently got married. Hopefully this relationship isn’t as messy as the others.

  3. I remember an article Mekhi stated all the women in Malinda’s family were controlling and that was his biggest issue with her.

  4. “Taking out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it…” lol that’s all that kept playing in my kind as I read this😄

  5. Invisible pussy that he’s to busy for but 7 months later a baby pops up…yeah ok. She wasn’t tripn

  6. I remember reading on another blog back in the day about them being together, so I knew this, but then suddenly they weren’t together anymore. So this was interesting. Homegirl sounds messy lol

  7. I remember them getting married, there wedding pictures were beautiful. I thought it was odd that they divorced after 6 months. I hope both are happy.

  8. Hey G one correction, his daughter Ashli is not yet a lawyer, she is still in law school. Check her social media, she just announced her internship this summer.

  9. Many years ago I remember going out for drinks in LA and leaving this one spot. My friend was like “we just walked past Mekhi Phifer.” I was like “what?!” I went back in to see and Malinda was standing there with a screw face.😩😂 I figured things weren’t rosy with them. Fast forward shortly after, they had split.

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