October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth Behind What Scooter Braun Was Doing In Cardi B’s Live

  1. No surprise if they collab they two big artists but It’s gonna garnish negative attention with Barbz and Ariana fans smfh. I would hope that Nicki and Ariana friendship wouldn’t be broken but who knows?

  2. I definitely see Nicki and Ari falling out over this but I hope not. It would be very petty considering that Nicki was collating with Young Thug while him and bird mean we’re at major odds with her mentor Wayne. I’ve noticed she doesn’t keep the same loyalty energy she seems to expect but that’s my observation as a fan

  3. I think Nicki need to worry about the current big problem she has right now with her husband than some beef with Cardi. That beef has dragged out way too long and it’s boring at this point. Nicki is so quiet now and I wonder why?

    1. G and everyone please listen very closely. I know he was talking bout the NWO because I have African friend whose father is high up in the m. ilitary. He told me they were coming in May for all of us. It was in the excutive order . Everything that boy been telling me has been coming true. Stay prayed up fr and be careful y’all.

      1. So what exactly does this mean? When you say coming for us, what is the end result?

  4. Y’all really bugging why would ariana collab with cardi b ruin nicki and ariana friendship/sisters when they love each other outside of music.

  5. Y’all steady bringing nicki name up with cardi shouldn’t be all about cardi proving once again that nicki is the standard and proving once again that y’all only for cardi because of y’all hate for nicki

  6. i worry about some of y’all in these comments 🙄 idgaf if ponytail works with that fake black woman. she’s a fake black woman too. they can go release as many trash songs forced down our throats as they want idc! nicki hasn’t liked one of ari’s posts all year they been done

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