September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes What The Hell Was Going On Peaches Vagina vs Everything

  1. Peaches is a mental case. she claimed to have let multiple men rape her daughter and the daughter isn’t even in her care. she does things for shock value but she needs to be on an asylum

  2. How is Skai even still on Disney??? This lets me know that EVERYTHANG G has said here that Skai’s momma ain’t worth a damn. They just G H E T T O and at this rate I just don’t see Skai having a mentally stable 20s & 30s and that she may dabble into drugs or rumors of drugs along the way. They need that ass whooped a good time or two.

    1. U drew that conclusion from this? She did show her cat…someone else did. How was she to control that?

  3. trust me you don’t even want to know about peaches… she’s a nut case. Skai and her friend could have easily ended the live once peaches flashed her cooch but instead stayed on and were laughing and soaking up the moment. this lil girl an actress for god sakes don’t she got management who be makin sure she aint actin a fool on social media. trust me when lil girl ages out the disney stage she will be done for good in the industry and won’t receive buzz cause of her childish ways.

  4. Peaches is 19 and she was sold into trafficking at a young age (16 or 17) she said. Often times she begs for help but now she just does these crazy things. I think she has limited clothes. She also lives in hotel or motels since she got kicked out of the place she lived in before . Peaches also had her daughter as a baby but lost custody years ago. She posts the same old photos of her daughter that she doesn’t have or see. Some say she has personality disorder where she slaps herself that’s the other personality but who knows.

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