October 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Drake, Draya and Trey 3’s a Crowd

  1. I can definitely see Drake and Trey competing for these women. Shout out to Draya for showing that hoeness can be deleted. I always thought it was weird that she was with Orlando. They’re an odd match to me

  2. I just chuckle knowing this since this was around The time Rih popped back up and instead of being like oh shit let me get my girl back and focus on that, Drake was still being all over draya at her event and his B-Day as well lol but draya is the original Lori Harvey, they know how to play these dudes haha.

  3. So she’s messed with Chris Drake and Trey – and has both Trey and Drake on a on call basis well maybe just Drake … How TF is your hoe-ness looked over?? she’s one of the GOAT’s…. 🙌🏾

  4. Who’s really pimping who? Getting smashed ain’t playing the game. Getting wifed with access to all the accounts is. Tag me when she gets claimed by a A lister not just fucked by one.

  5. And THIS is why she still is a hoe. I have said it time and again, I like Draya. She seems to be a cool chic, but these are the reasons she will forever be a hoe. No “deleting” that 😂.

  6. But anyway Drake ass is just getting finer and finer. And stupider and stupider *sigh tsk tsk

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