October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Kylie Jenner and Coty LLC deal

  1. Someday I hope the divine wisdom needed to understand the hate towards this family might dawn on me. People hate on them like they have done something never before done. How the hate train must feel watching people they hate so much do better and better.

    1. People hate them beacuse they constantly copy black women and have a weird obsession/infatuation wit black culture and black men.

      1. Do people hate other black celebrities with westernized features through surgery or is this form of hate limited to this family?. Now imagine KIM captioned everything she did praising black people, we would feel it insulting and not genuine, if you say the media always credits them for the black things they do, are they supposed to correct the media every time, they are not responsible for the media’s write-ups but well different understanding for different perspectives I guess.

      2. It’s not hate but a strong dislike because people can see through their bs and antics. They’re not a likable bunch. Period!

  2. The Forbes article gassed Coty the brand was doing well but not as well as they said. The brands simply fizzier out as Kylues brand has fizzled out slightly. I doubt the younger girls who buy this crappy brand even know Coty own majority now it’s just not popping now.

  3. The hate comes from the lies she have told years ago. About her lips being real. Then after she sold millions of lipstick that she said will make your lips bigger was a lie. Kim Kardashian made her tell the truth about her lips. Girls were buying her makeup because they thought they can get bigger lips just using her lipstick. I dont hate her at all. She born into a family that knows how to make money. Kylie Jenner will be just fine as long as her mother stay by her side. She will continue to make money.

  4. They want to see her fail so bad. She has a young daughter, I hope she continues to succeed. She definitely seems like she’s growing into a very smart strategic business woman.

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