October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The List Please Keep Confidential

  1. They all need to be cast away and live on their own perverted island.

    I wonder Will these individuals all test positive for corona virus in the coming days? 🤔

  2. There was a list that included the Obamas I can’t remember where I saw it🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    But idk if I’m the only one that thinks Oprah’s time is over! Like it’s been only three months yet her name have been included in so many bad shits, it’s like the demons have turned on her.

    Totally out of subjects but is Beyonce trying to associate herself with the Kardashian’s?? What’s going on with her clothing line???

    1. Man Oprah is so full of $&@t! Is this the reason why it was reported that girls in her school were being sexually assaulted? Were the girls in her school being pimped out?

      1. That what I was just thinking to; I remember their was a huge scandal on that. The teachers molesting the young girls and Oprah keeping the girls from being able to see their parents. They weren’t even allowed to bring home cooked meals to their kids either smh

      2. The irony is that Oprah Winfrey goes after black men for sexual crimes (R. Kelly is guilty and should face punishment; Bill Cosby is in jail; Russell Simmons as of now there is no evidence just accusations; Micheal Jackson who I personally feel was INNOCENT) but this low life Oprah is doing the same things and worse to black girls and more than likely black boys too the same people she claims to want to protect….but she’s walking around free and playing judge jury and executioner…. and let’s not forget her most famous role… that of being a Victim…. she’s full of $$@t! She’s always talking about being down for black girls but that’s a lie…she’s pimping those same black and African girls out for money!!!! F**k Her!!!!

    1. If anyone followed the PizzaGate trail like I did. You would already seen the list. Epstein black book someone had doxxed to the web.

  3. It’s really sad and very sick that people would have desires to sleep with children. 😡😡😡😡😡💯💯💯💯

  4. God is about to clean hollyweird out
    God seen and heard every cry
    Just watch and trump yuck!! They still think he’s saved 😂

    1. The people putting out most of these lists and gathering the info love Trump. I don’t understand why, when he’s a part of it; like up to his eyeballs.

  5. I don’t care for Chrissy but GWEN?! Hollaback Gwen? No doubt Gwen? WOOOOW the rest of this list doesn’t truly surprise me. If anything it’s disappointment

    1. Yeah like is she just involved with those people or is she fucking children?! I need to know cuz I’m shook

  6. So what will happen to Trump? He already claims he got tested and it came back negative. If and when all these sickos get arrested and dealt with, what is said to happen moving forward? Are we regular people really expected to disregard they’re no longer around and “forget” about them and move on with life? I want to SEE justice be served for all those children that were harmed and being harmed….

  7. They all will suffer from this one day. 2020 is not a good year for those who have done alot of evil in this world. I believe a lot of people in Hollywood will die this year. Time is up for these devils on this earth.

  8. SMH… These people here. This is sad and sick. I am not shocked and yes I believe that all those people played a role in this.

  9. You gotta be FUCKING KIDDING ME !!!!! Pharrell !!!!! John Legend !!!!! Smhhhh this is too crazy !!!


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