October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “P.S.A The Mobile Experience Complaints

  1. G, we love you and the site. No matter the design, your loyal readers will continue to read and enjoy the content.

  2. Thanks for addressing this. I have a Galaxy S9 and it’s been tricky to navigate the new layout on my phone’s browser. I didn’t know if I should say anything because I didn’t wann gripe about it. I am still able to read stories, comment, etc., which is fine because I mean, I still gotta get my sugar lol

    1. Yes, you are paying for a service so you could shoot me an email anytime something seems off. I would not get mad over that I will try to accommodate everyone. I am looking into a plug in to apply. I apologize

      1. I thought i was the only one hating the way it looks and views on the phone. Its super annoying when viewing stuff and it seem like im seeing the same article more then once i feel like im missing some articles or not seeing them all. Low key i dont know if i wanna renew cause of it. Sorry. 😩 hope you find a fix.

  3. It’s not even that bad lol. Definitely won’t be leaving over something that minimal but Ty for trying to fix it <3

  4. So nice of you to try to be so accommodating. I don’t prefer the new way but it’ll be ok I’m sure

  5. It’s a bit of a job to read the new stuff… I just figured I gotta work then cuz I’m still gonna find a way to read it 😂 but if u can change it that would be awesome 💗

  6. I would not complain about the format. It’s not what we’re here for and I renewed my subscription. Yes it looks a little quirky but I was already looking at upgrading my phone so thx G and keep up the good work!

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