October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Corona or Cover up?

  1. If this is true, it’s about to go down! 2020 is here to bring the change and we the little people are ready.

  2. I believe the virus was on purpose and the actions coming out of it (taking people down) is part of a counter strike.

    I don’t care if anyone likes Trump. Name one wholesome politician or political figure in their personal life? Half of them are trash and treat people as such just the same. But what President has taken down all these sex and trafficking rings before? In my opinion, JFK was the last one to stand for the people but he became an easy, more visible target out of that love that people had for him. But was also a womanizing cheater. Same for MLK and he was a cheating wife beater, was he not?? I care about the good of the people as a whole before the splitting of hairs.

  3. About time!!! They thought taking Epstein out was gonna have them in the clear cause he was about to start singing. But they forgot Weinstein knows alot too and they probably thought he would hold his tongue, but nope! When push comes to shove everyone is only gonna look out for Themselves! Weinstein said you gonna let me go down? Okay watch this! I feel NO sympathy! I hope everyone sees the inside of a jail cell even though they probably will take death/suicide over getting locked up!

  4. The virus is killing people worldwide not just the USA. It is literally shutting down our economies throughout the world. People need not to be worrying about conspiracies at this time. Write about how to keep each other safe. There is plenty of time when things God’s willing calm down

    1. If you think that its only people in hollyweird going down, think again. Its worldwide because alot of the world leaders and the Royal families in England, Saudi, and all over are going down as well. Its not a conspiracy theory when you can literally Research and see for yourself what is going on. Start researching the Q… and Qanon…they have some things on IG and on Google and other formats. Dontjust take someone’s word, research yourself and you will see what is actually going on in the world right now. Its wayyyy bigger than you think. Corona is just the tip of the spear. It started before Trump was elected.

  5. Omg this is intense. The Bible said in the end times truths will be revealed and false idols will be exposed.

  6. I honestly believe this is a bio warfare. I been saying this to my family and friends.. we have never anything like this were all businesses including Disney is closing. And the airport’s. There’s no vaccine for this virus but yet. If you got it then you just stay home, rest and take Tylenol. Yeah ok. Something is way off. Just my opinión.

  7. It’s time for all of these evil people to go. God will have his way. They will not leave this earth until they suffer for the things they have done. Sometimes death is the price you pay.

  8. This is sooooooo intense I don’t know how to feel about all of this !! These poor people don’t know what to do with this virus and these muthafckas tryna use it as a cover up !!!

  9. I hope everyone caught on and have them exposed. I believe this is the reason why this virus appeared out of nowhere. I hope they get what they deserved

  10. It could be bio warfare. I just don’t think if it is bio warfare that it is mainly sent towards Hollywood and its weirdos. I think it would be meant for all of us, speaking of all the regular folk catching it and dying.

    But if you look at it from a faith bearing/ spiritual stand point. This disease is only the 1st of many that will come. Diseases that have science baffled and confused. Trying to to warn us and tell us to do better because time is winding down 💁.

  11. I have always believed Oprah knew more, dare I say maybe even had something to do with providing these victims. How is she friends with 3 men who have been found guilty of sexual crimes. and she doesn’t know or didn’t suspect anything. Most peope have at least one friend who we think is suspect whether it is lying, stealing, selling etc. But Oprah knows 3 that we know of so far.
    Her spiritual leader Joao Teixeira de Faria, is surving 19 years for the rape of 4 women and was accused of sex abuse by 200 women, then there is Jerry Epstein & Harvey Weinstein. I’m sure there is more. Oprah claims the reason she does interviews with the victims of our black male celeberties is because she wants to give the victims a voice. Does that not apply to the victims of the three men I listed?
    No it doesn’t our black male celeberties are the distractions she and Gayle use to take the spotlight off of her friends trials and crimes. The same time Weinstein was due to be sentenced her bestie Gayle distracted all of us or tried to distract some of us with the “Kobe Bryant” fallout. But I be watching those 2. (Oprah & Gayle aka Okra & Kale)

    1. Go back a little but further. Remember when Oprah opened that school back in 2007? Remember when it just opened up that the head mistress was abusing the girls? What did Oprah do? Settle out of court. Why? She could have went down too.

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