September 30, 2022

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3 thoughts on “Guys Win $20 For your Best Review of This Artist

  1. Im not interested in doing the drawing but I will help with feedback. The video that is being re-released, of course is dated because the song is 7 years old, but the lyrics were definitely much deeper. More original. You can hear his actual voice and tone. It wasn’t bad, but not necessarily my style. Not something I would repeat, but again it’s not my style. His new song is a little more current in sound, but it’s not enough for me to set him apart and say oh wow I have to listen to this again. His voice is a bit higher in tone, so the auto tune just makes it sound weird. Music video production quality increased but the videos still seems to lack substance in the story. Money, cars, drugs and sex. This blog speaks about being aware of the agenda and what they are trying to influence us by, but this video seems to fit that mold of pushing the agenda. I know that you have to do certain things to gain attraction, but there has got to be a way to do music with following the norm. Listening to it, makes me think of “Dior” by Pop Smoke. Again this is my opinion, hope it is a bit helpful.

  2. I’m too lazy to do two comments, but here is my opinion lol.

    I definitely prefer the bottom video when it comes to the rapping. His voice sounds more authentic. The newer tang sounds weird and even though it’s clear the video is higher quality, it’s probably just because it’s newer. The video itself isn’t fun, it’s just like every other up and coming rapper video. I respect a video that’s more focused on like the person rapping in the booth, maybe something everyday in their rapper journey. The girl talking in the beginning is not convincing.

  3. The first is a no for me, it’s sounds like every other demonic record out right now.

    Now the second is dated but timeless, he’s chatting real tings, with real emotions. I am fan of real NY rap and hip hop. The shit you can smoke a blunt and vibe to.

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