September 30, 2022

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96 thoughts on “Guys I need Your Help

    1. Same here. I read every single thing. Including the Z list article. I read and then research if I don’t know who y’all talking about. Keep up the good work. This blog is the best blog. I ❤️ Icydk.

    2. I read each and every post no matter what its about or even if i was too young to even hear of the people being talked about i dont care i read it all i want all the tea 😭

  1. I’m a day 1 member. The old rumors is what made me sign up. The things you wouldn’t have known pre internet. However, I’ll support and read all stories regardless. 💛

  2. I enjoy all the segments. My fave is the Behind the Scenes, Word Has It, Heaven’s Segments, and Hot Takes!

  3. I would like to see more stories come out about the mansion parties, behind the scenes, old school stuff and the ask g questions. The pr chats especially! I’ll support you no matter what but I do kinda miss how frequent you would post.

  4. I love the behind the scenes stuff and I love hearing about how the industry works. The rituals, the people involved, what it all means. I want all the things other blogs can’t talk about because they’re the ones working for the elites and are pushing the agenda. For example, the Nicki Minaj blackball scandal. You gave us the full story straight no chaser. No one else can or will be as real as you. No one is willing to tell the truth and tell us what’s really going on behind the scenes and amongst the elites. That’s what I’m here. Everything else that I get here is a bonus, I love all of your content. I’ve followed you for 4 years, you’re always on your shit and the sugar never expires 😜

    1. same, but love Hoetails Oh they smashed? and PR diaries (old school), any 70/80/90s tea are my fav. Also wondering if PRs and/or other behind the scene staff (personal assistants, etc). have to do/participate in rituals or any crazy stuff to stay in the game as well?

  5. The old teas are better. Especially the Mansion parties and hot takes, Heaven’s stories and bring back Ask G. Also limit the Nikki, Drake, and all these other weird rappers stories. They’re just not interesting because they do the same thing over and over and the stories seems like a repeat. It’s not a shade just my observation. Blind story reveal will be good as well.

  6. I love it all especially the old Hollywood tea. I enjoy finding things out then realizing how kinda obvious it was all along.

  7. I like the whole blog. I been in since Day 1. All the old PR stories, hot takes, mansion parties… It all keeps me entertained!!!

  8. I love everything but the new layout lol it hurts my eyes!! Also I would like to see a reality tv section! While I love hearing about all the celebs sometimes I do want sugar about more of the popular reality tv stars! Love y’all

  9. I’d love to see more “Ask G anything” segments. It was fun to read and get insight on questions people ask. Also, more of the old school tea.

  10. You know what I want to know more about the families surrounding the kids in the industry. The ones that have been abused and the ones who were not. You touched on it before but I wanted to know more because some of the kids turned out bad had a lot of mental health issues and others didn’t have the extreme trauma.

  11. I like all the segments. I will say it is nice when you include your own thoughts on the situation in segments as well.

  12. I love it all tbh. I’m usually a quiet reader, but if engaging keeps the blog going I’ll happily join in

  13. I check this daily!! I love the z list/instagram celebrity tea, behind the scenes, the seasons I love it all. I appreciate what you do!

  14. I’m a DAY 1 sugar baby and I LOVE IT ALL I read it all even if it’s about ppl n celebs I DONT know cause I like to know everything 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

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