October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/11/20

  1. Shut up Rudy has it??! He might have spread it to other players. Do you think Trump might get it since he was around that guy who tested positive?

  2. I didnt know anything about Mayweather’s bm, but it’s so sad that she passed so young

    Trump is definitely the cause if all this coronavirus turmoil. Can we just hand him over to China already? 😩😩

    The line about Selena Gomez made me holler 😂😂

  3. Or maybe the US was trying to cripple Asia and now it has gone out of hand, China would never mess with their economy, besides China was supposed to host winter Olympics, Japan was to host summer Olympics, the price of oil was distorted in Iran after that airstrike stunt, if there are any truths to conspiracy theories, I will bet on the US being responsible for all of this.

    1. I agree. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, I heard a while ago China, Russia, Iran, +others broke their peace treaty with US? If that’s true, the US sent over the virus to them out of spite. America the only place that wants power of everything

      1. I am to add also the protesting too. See, the in China does not have the power, it’s the Prime that went to the lab and told them to release that virus. Knowing damn well it is going to backfire in them which it did. The Prime Minister actually has it. The Pope got it as well. We gots start paying attention Stephen King’s The Stand a little bit more.

  4. I think its Trump who let that virus out. This has not looked good on China from the beginning, it does not make the US look bad only China. As a matter of fact as long as ur asian whether from China or not ppl are discriminating. Unless it backfired on them.

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