October 3, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/10/2020

    1. I wonder who they gone put Selena with and Jennifer must’ve known too much of Harvey’s dirt and that’s why he wanted her dead.

  1. Wait a minute. Ole Harvey was putting out hits via EMAIL??!! I knew he was trash but he’s stupid as shit too.

  2. Yeah, I think Vanessa needs a crash course in business REAL quick. She needs to hit the ground running with some knowledge, that way no one can screw her over. Kobe had businesses and now they are hers, she needs to know how to run them.

    LOL @ JLO and Arod. When clout chasing goes wrong LOL.

    Selena girl, you are STILL young. Get over it and you gonna be aight.

    Drake was interested, but it more than likely wasn’t what Kylie would have wanted. I mean if she wants to be a booty call, hey her business. But if she wants a relationship and Drake following her around like a puppy like Travis, that would be a hard no. That’s probably why she just gave up. She knows she will be among a few chics Drake is messing with and won’t be a main one.

  3. I was just thinking about Vanessa today and how trouble may start coming her way. I hope her and all her children stay safe.

  4. waiting on that James Prince story, and why all the Boule members fear him? Is he mafia? Definitely worth more than 45 million.

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