October 3, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

  1. Bruno could be the father!!??🤯🤯🤔🤔. To me, it seem like Offset don’t really care if she mess around.

  2. Aye! This was lit! Thanks Heav! I’m catching up w/your YouTube videos, thanks for always dropping facts.

  3. Lmaooo you thought wrong fat boy nicki ain’t divorcing her husband all because y’all want her too

    1. STFU Clown ass. When shit hit the fan for Onika make sure yo ass standing right there ready to pick up the pieces! When she start losing bags cause of his criminal ass make sure to send her yo paychecks to fill the void 🐦 fucking Delusional ass Stans stay clit sucking

      1. Watch everything you said won’t ever happen lol. Naw I’m not sucking clit y’all mad because im not bashing nicki and trust and believe I’m not going anywhere.

      2. I said all that to say make sure you keep the same energy when shit hit the fan for her! Don’t switch up! If you team Kenneth STAY team Kenneth especially when he really start costing her shit. Y’all need to learn to start thinking from business mindsets and not this childish ass couple Goals with cute pictures mindset!

  4. Omg good tea heav!!!! I’m sick over poor Corey Feldman and Corey haim. Someone go get Charlie Sheen !

  5. A lot of people are not looking for music from cardi hell the only people that talk about her now are the barbs to diss her smh. Everyone is on meg and doja cat.

    1. She’s been talking to Uzi since she got out. She was always a Pee’s because it was a condition of her house arrest. That’s why she always goes live in the car now so that people won’t talk shit about her being a Pee’s house. She has to stay there.

  6. I knew JT was fucking Uzi! Telling somebody in her comments that he was her cousin. I swear all of QC is just lame and wack. That’s why they are trying to use Cardi to promote their new music. Lil baby music ain’t all that either, but when you got hoes fighting over you online, guess that’s how you boost your numbers. Their all lame AF.

  7. Can you re-write the Cardi/Baby father and smashing Bruno part..I didn’t quite get it. Are you implying that Bruno might be the father of her child?

  8. Mannnnnnnn I knew JT was fucking the boss just by their energy and he bought her a car and hugging all over him. Hmmmmm 👀👀 the rest I’m just waiting for it all to unfold

  9. Whew this tea today…..

    I listened to Megan’s EP, i liked fever better. She needs to stop singing on songs its annoying.

    Bruno and Cardi fcking not surpising and i even heard offset don’t want her alone with him. Im interested to see how her second album turns out though. The snips i heard were NOT it.
    Her mixtapes GBMVl & ll were better than what im hearing. She just needs to wait and release when its complete.

  10. Chris sent a text to Cardi to come over and chill? He’s rich and he was trying to pull that shit?? I hope Cardi was insulted because I would be.

  11. I just seen a post where a couple of 1501’s artist was talking about how Carl did the same thing to them that they did to Mrg

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