October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Kenya Moore Fake Marriage is About to Come Crashing Down

  1. LMFAOO I like how you slid that extra sugar in that tea. So is her marriage actually fake fr tho? ???

  2. If it was fake, why bring a baby into this mess? On the other hand, Marc really didn’t give a damn about Kenya and I felt so sorry for her

    1. That’s my thing. It’s gotta be more to it than she paid him to be on film since they made a human together. He plans on raising that baby with her so I don’t think it was fake. It just didn’t work out

      1. I think she just wanted a baby, that’s not unheard of in this day and age, I mean she’s pushing 50 it makes sense. Phaedra did say that she spends her weekends at the sperm bank, there must of been a grain of truth in that read.

  3. I strongly believe Marc didn’t want to be apart of the show…hint…why she wouldn’t film him last season before she left. She must had made a real demand to him for him to be filmed this season and you can see his dislike of the show and by default she got the butt of it. He resents her now

    1. I agree 100% with you. He didn’t want to do it and she should’ve kept her marriage private for a real chance at survival. Welp 🤷🏾‍♀️

    2. I agree completely with you! I always said when Kenya was rumored to be coming back on the show that it would destroy her marriage. I think things would have been okay if she would have just enjoyed her life and marriage up in New York. She’s an idiot. That man clearly does not want to be on camera and dealing with faux drama for likes, like most real men would not.

  4. Wouldn’t it be crazy, if The Carters divorce and he ends up dating Kenya? As far as their gorgeous child, Kenya has always wanted a baby even Phaedra’s infamous drag mentioned that. Women of status (mainly) will do anything to become a mother, plus she didn’t have that relationship with her own which makes sense to why she’s always wanted a child. Overall it’s sad as fuck it’s going down this way.

    1. It would make sense, since she named her child “Brooklyn” and Jay-z always said he would name his first child “ Brooklyn”

  5. I do not believe their marriage was fake. I saw them a few times in Brooklyn and they were always holding hands and looking all loved up. I do believe that he didn’t want to be on TV and has no understandings of the dynamics of Reality TV. He’s a Trini and they don’t get down like that. She would’ve been better off had she kept him off the show. I bet he regrets it now. But even if he was on the show, did they had to show him as much? Most of the husbands on the other franchises are barely shown but I guess its because it’s Kenya.

    1. She probably had to bring him on to get back on the show, since she kept her wedding from producers. She should’ve never returned to RHOA.

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