September 29, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/9/20

  1. Ellen feel that threaten by Kelly? I heard Steven Spielberg was passing that girl around with she was younger. I thought they was showing Beyoncé a little bit too much at the service.

    1. I know people hate the Kardashian’s but I think Khloe was always the most real and kind. I hope she finds her worth.

      That photo of Ellen and Kelly says it all, lol.
      I hate that celebrities adopt these kids and fuck time up like that. they will get their karma.
      I’m sorry but Alisha Wainwright has to be dumb as a box of rocks to not know the reality about JT.

  2. Khloe is a desperate hoe anyways but moving on..

    Did they had to invite Beyonce? I know she likes to show up to these things to get clout but can she stay at home for once?? She always irritated my soul

    Alisha Wainright must not be right in the head to think that anything ever would truly come off from this affair. But then again, he probably told her that he wasn’t with Jessica anymore and now that he got caught cheating, he definitely has to fake it till he makes it with his marriage. It looks weird how much he is “praising” his wife now…Just overall fake. Everyone knows he is a dog

    What did kelly Clarkson do that got Ellen so shook? I must’ve missed this??

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