October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Justin Bieber What is Happening?

  1. Well, let’s be fair… if you look closely justin was drinking from a bottle of something (probably beer) righr before turning around. Not OBJ’s peen LOL but the pics of Justin and that preacher in the pool as well as other questionable photos of them together?!!! Now THOSE pics would lead me to believe he’s bi…

  2. No wonder Ellen had him on a few days back to back. Trying to gain him some attention. I think they were giving away tix too. I think him and Usher were both on the same day too but not together. Are they still cool?

  3. Aside from all of that Justin was also a azzhole to his fans. How many times he would say stupid stuff, like be quiet or something to that effect, at his own concert. They are PAYING excited fans there to see YOU, at a concert not a library. His fans have gotten older and see that coin doesn’t come easy. Nobody has time to spend money on and support a azzhole.

    1. I totally agree with the fact that his fans have gotten older. People definitely don’t get all that excited for him anymore. He knows that too that’s why he posted that picture the other day

  4. Idk why y’all try to make it seem like him and Selena weren’t equally toxic to each other. Selena is no angel there’s an entire thread on twitter about her and her bullshit fakery. The sympathy card always works better for the white/Latin female than the males especially in this new woman’s movement

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