October 4, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Article 1 3/6/2020 Britney Spears

  1. I’m surprised the elites haven’t just bumped off K-Fed to save money instead it seems like They targeting Poor Britney smfh F*** K-Fed

  2. Kevin is a real piece of crap
    He needs to get a job
    That’s why he always turns his comments off

  3. Something tells me he and Britney had/has a agreement. Maybe because she knows the dad is taking her ish and that she will never get out she wants her boys to have the majority of it. The only way it sounds like she can give more is to have Kevin apply for it. Just a thought

  4. The oxymorons that people put themselves through is so ridiculous. K fed is the biggest piece of shit

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