September 30, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Who’s Lying Megan or Carl? The Truth Behind The Deal

  1. I was waiting for your take on this.. I don’t believe her she I sensed this would happen smh.. I watched her live and all I kept thinking was “this girl lying her ass off” 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

    1. Me too!! All so she can get in bed with the demons that are going to really rob her. She better finish school and stop the bullshit.

    2. Same here, something just seems off with her eyes when she speaks on it. I’m sure there’s shade on both ends but Carl’s story feels like it has more truth to it.

  2. Megan is going to wish she never done this in the future. Look at what Jay.z done to kanye west and dame. Look at how he try to stop ReRe for leaving him. Jay is no good.

  3. Carl has holes in his story as well first he said he wasn’t trying to stop her music but said to a fan there would be no more hot girl summers and now he’s trying to prevent her from releasing her project this week. So are you trying to stop her or not? Also from the paperwork that was shown they wanted a piece of everything and were profiting more from her then she was recouping

    1. Ok Carl to me has a lot of holes in his story. Ive been following Meg before she was MEG. i know for fact she never was with Moneybag she was with Hotboy. He is on the lable too. And Carl was saying he didn’t know when she was having events . well she posted all her events month before and kept posting them frequently when they got close to the date. She was flying coach a majority of the time . Not only that he was never promoting her on his page AT All . If thats your artist you should of been promoting her. She does her own makeup and had to get rid of her traveling hair stylist . So you mean to tell me all payments went straight to Megan?

  4. Hate to victim blame but…she really ain’t no victim. I believe Carl after knowing about how shady Jay is.

  5. Carl is more believable. Meg used the power of social media to strong arm him into renegotiating the contract. She hasn’t even fulfilled enough of the original contract to warrant that. We already know how Jay gets down. He and Bey wooed Meg with their position. Now I see the purpose of Roc Management; it’s to be the Amazon of the the music industry by monopolizing every hot artist so no smaller label can be successful in the game. Meg fell for it but she will learn real quick how much of a snake 🐍 she is dealing with

  6. I believe Carl as well. Let meg big ass get chewed up and spit out by camel face because that’s the road she’s heading down.

    1. She is gonna be so hurt in the end when she see Camel ain’t shit and his wife either! Carl seems hurt and i would be too knowing i built you up to wat u are today and u turn your back on me for them shady ass ppl! She gne learn tho!

      1. Yeah carl is hurt. But whose gonna be hurt in the end is meg. But now carl label is out there and they’re giving the artist a contract that most labels don’t he might get better talent.

  7. I love love your site and read everything including all the comments. The new layout makes it impossible for my eyes to read. It is the white on black thing that tortures my eyes. Wish you did not change the website

  8. I believe Carl. YES we all know to well that the industry is shady and evil. And that they can create some jacked contracts. But the fact that she only wanted to renegotiate, key word, her contract was telling. All the people that we have known to have jacked contract/deals don’t want to “renegotiate”, they wanted OUT.

    Meg has been moving shady from jump with Carl. The fact that she went behind his back and signed a deal with Hov was a snake move. Plus she has been caught in quite a few lies.

    I think she just wants out and because she is a popular artist with a hoard of loyal blinded fans, she will use ALL that to get her way. And the idea that they all have, of Jay Z stepping in and rescuing her is delusional. If that contract is solid, there is nothing he can do.

    1. And as for him saying he wasn’t stopping the music but NOW he is, I believe that is because Meg played her hand. In beginning he probably wouldn’t have stopped it. She does already have a few songs playing on the radio. But NOW she went to this level, he is playing hard ball and doubled back on what he said. That is usually how it works.

  9. Well why she ain’t paying the men pay the men his money you owe him TF and we all know when Jay comes around it’s always trouble plus Roc nation only goes after black labels you won’t ever see him going after labels like Atlantic ect … I believe Carl and Meg is playing victim because she got her social fans that will feed into her bullshit .. What better she would have seriously and she was shady by going behind they back and sign with Roc nation for management she can do whatever she wants but if they were there with you from start out of respect she should’ve let them no she went a sign behind they back that says a lot she needs to come down her high horses and sit down with them because so far she didn’t and they supposedly tried according to JPrince so why ain’t she paying and not sitting down with them and she needs to stop with they bullying her 🙄 she need to twerk her ass to meeting with them because the court might ask her to do so .. Hopefully her album do numbers .. Jay don’t want her best interest that’s a fact

  10. She wanna fuck wit Jay cause of status , not even knowing what she signing up for smh she better relax

  11. So does the recent court decision in Meg’s favor mean that there was something illegal/faulty about the contract? Or has roc nation paid of the judge? I’m curious about the details and how she was allowed to get a temporary restraining order as well as permission to release music. Looks like roc nation isn’t scared of J Prince whatsoever. This whole thing is one big power move by rock nation. But best believe, at some point people signing to roc nation will have problems. It’s all sunshine and rose’s now but don’t expect this to last…

  12. I am siding with Carl because he has the experience with the contract part especially he is a former baseball player. 60-40 ain’t a bad when it comes to owning your masters. And he is right about Jay-Z. Jay is only thinking about them pockets. Meghan is going to regret signing to Jay’s label. Plus, she is basically is going be a threat against Giselle. Why I say that? Because Jay is going to try and get into Megan’s draws that’s enough to piss off Giselle. Megan has realize that she has to crawl she walk. But in this case, Jay is going to have Megan out, doing rituals, and basically going to be her handler. Megan, you should stay with Carl.

  13. As much as I LOVE Megan with every breath in me…..

    As much as I be rooting for her and everything she do…. I must admit…. I BELIEVE CARL TOO and I’m soooooooooooooo FUCKN DISAPPOINTED in meg. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
    I just CANNNNNT believe she really let roc nation get in her head. She is really going to regret this shit 1000% smh.

  14. Nobody wants to leave a good situation. I remember when she got into it with the makeup artiste over who fid majority of the make up. Like tf?? And compared to Cardi when she was fresh in the bz, Meg looks kinna broke in a way, she just doesnt have that glow up.

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