October 4, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth About Kenneth Petty Getting Arrested

  1. Smh so much drama with Nikki and Kenny! I know she hates she can’t even be happy. She need to do wat she has to do if she wants to be happy with him. I know it’s embarrassing for him to register Smh

    1. Unnecessary drama that Nicki does not need but she’s forcing herself to endure for what? Cause she convincing herself she’s Happy which I don’t think she is? She ain’t gonna be too happy when his BS Runs her pockets dry and she gotta start taking trips to Dubai to keep the lights on smfh

      And I too was curious about Kenneth traveling when she first said she was going back to Trinidad. After googling I saw that felons can travel to Caribbean countries with proper paperwork or something so maybe that’s where to slip up occurred? Idk. Either way it’s stupid AF and Nicki should know better.

      Side note: I think it’s funny how Nicki neighbors won’t allow a sex offender to live in they neighborhood, but it’s LA/Hollywood they in there’s probably tons in that neighborhood on the hush hush.

    2. G, i love this new layout ❣️ the both of them should’ve done their due diligence. nicki knows better. being a celebrity doesn’t excuse anything

  2. At this point, I just pray for Nicki’s peace. She’s been going through a lot the past two years, and most (not all) of her public issues have been from things that have nothing to do with her – she’s literally being punished for her loyalty at times.

  3. Nicki is the dumbest chick EVER!!! You with a man you gotta take out during the day because he can’t come to your neighborhood!!!!!!!?????

    1. U really believe this blog? Sex offenders lives anywhere and everywhere if there’s a law about that let me know I doubt you’ll find any though

      1. The post never said there was a law against him living there. The point was he’s a sex offender and didn’t register like he was supposed to and the neighbors don’t want his fucking ass there

      2. There’s no law but communities of certain statue can influence home associations to shun certain buyers and renters making it hard for them to live there same way they used to do Chris Brown in his neighborhood. Anything you did someone would be reporting to a news outlet so she may not want to ruffle any feathers

  4. Why even be with him? Going through all this trouble and doing all this stupid embarrassing shit for what? Then to have a self righteous attitude about it all? Wtf is going on with Nicki I defend her tooth and nail but this is too much

      1. Then why was Safaree the one she was with for 12 years? She had ample time to go back to petty if he was the one who truly had her heart. also she was about to go back to SB had he not went on Wendy trying to take credit for her pen. After he did that she popped up with Petty. This is not real love this is sex, and a shoulder to cry on during this hard time the industry is giving her. She shouldn’t trust anybody else so she went back to him.

    1. She believes him🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know if I would but all I know there’s black men doing life right now as we speak and even black men on death penalty becuz of a crime they didn’t commit. So I don’t know!

  5. This nigga is not good for her. Smh and me personally , i don’t want no nigga that can’t accompany me while getting a bag because he can’t be around certain aged girls ! Smh she seen so desperate to have someone. It’s sad

  6. All of this unnecessary drama for what? So what she knew him back in the day. Back in the day he didn’t have a active criminal history. And it is sex offender charges. So it doesn’t matter where he moves he has to let the cops in that city know, so they can send out the notices to the neighbors who live so many feet away.
    Nicki was being less than smart bringing that man to a GIRLS home. He is a CONVICTED sex offender, come on now. I don’t know what Nicki’s issue is, but this is one headache she should have passed on.

  7. She can’t possibly keep this relationship and her career. Both is toxic to the other. If she wants to keep her husband and keep him from being a target, she should’ve stayed retired.

  8. Wait sooooo because he didn’t register as a sex offender (in which he should have)they don’t want him in the neighborhood?when white folks done stole,raped and murdered black folks and they move Into our neighborhoods shouldn’t we be upset with them also???im just saying……..anywho nicki should’ve just stayed out the spotlight for a while she is so stubborn and keep trying to show she is strong but in fact them elites have ripped her a new asshole.i feel bad for but I know for sure they are fucking with her.😒

  9. I totally agree…she can not keep him and her career. I love Nicki but I think she makes some bad choices.

  10. This man is a convicted sex offender. That’s all that needs to be said. This ain’t nobody picking on her, he’s a sex offender who knows the rules that govern his life. They knew better, that’s why she was sneaking him in …

  11. He will be fine his last registry was feb 2018 and the Marshall’s are the ones who arrested him on 20,000 bond she moving back to newyork they will be fine

  12. I think nicki should have just kept kenny low key if she was really fucking with him. Regardless of what he’s done in the past he’s still human and have feelings. Bringing him in the middle of her bs was selfish. All he trying to do is be with someone that he loves and had history with before all of her fame and success. And nicki drama keeps continuing and petty getting more and more in trouble. They’re situation isn’t good for neither. I know ppl saying nicki could do better and He brings her drama this and that but nicki drama been going on before we known Mr.petty… like be real we know of his charges because of nicki fans. Like if nicki putting his past behind her why tf we so worried about what he is or use to be. Last time i check he was a teen and the girl was just a year younger. And we really don’t know what happened. All we know is a system.

  13. He can travel as a convicted felon, if he’s on parole/probation he just needs permission to travel. But wherever he goes he is required to register as a sex offender with that local police department for the amount of time that he’s there. Trinidad’s registration may be different but in the US wherever he stays he has to register at that address.

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